Saturday, 14 April 2012

now then too

alright the beach of rolling pebbles shifts as my synapses
 do not so much sizzle as stumble when i want them to jiggle n sparkle

how much time do i have?
how elastic is my time?

i am impressed by what friends have accomplished i never expected my friend john to live in the Loire valley
nor i suppose that Amy would be such an athlete of globe trotting

my nose sometimes smells an inferred scent and my taste buds take me to the supermarket for the ingredients of say rhubabrb crumble and i am small agin with a broken rusty bucket with the bit leaves with caterpillar nibbled lace work like stocking with holes and fat pink ruddy legs of juivy sournesss firmly stepping them into the sunlight tyring to oush away the bucket i lift it off oh how i am growing myslef back in my childhood bedrooom i am not trying to solve some psychoanalytical puzzle please shut the book no this is the flavour of my memory useable real present associative tactile my living nerve ends are my fingers in the self same now of thinking eyes watching manipulations of form and sensed abbility to creat play enjoy be like cider with rosie apple crumble with anyone come in and take a load off be a friend to me you can hold me you can take tea you can show me you can care be cared for marry me bring the coal in help me light the fire i can chop some would i will make you love tokens but no good if your mind is wandering so far away you do not take me with you wear my gloves share a blanket tell me all be gald to fearlessly hold nothing back water of tearful tender caring carefuilling full truth of not choosing but including all as we seive together for the gold of life giving moment i will not go far and we will be together never alone but so married so beloved so belonging with new news vital to our sahred wonderment oh now you forget a cheerfil moment when the dance and your hunger to share took me to precious learning opening hopefulness book writing i am not your memtor i am your good souls truth and guide and you are mine we dug deep and created footing for god's energy to pour not through frail breeze but firm fat trunks of solid goodness but the glancing happens momentrayily through sharpended stick and quinlk line the potter himself uses as he also unrolls the cheap lining paper nice buff natural colour endless like the quarried clay in touch with earth oh do not let stories of madness and darl sides of the moon draw you in but do listen to the lovely fingerstyle retunings seemingly hauntinmg but not so real and tender of nick drakes river

as a couple of attempts to upload have failed i am choosing the more cheerful kirsti instead

man let me find it to freshen the fragrance of this moment on the page in the morning sunlight that spills onto the paper mache salt dough faced wire sketon dancers that will do a stop motion dance of life and impiulse and prayerful caring like our own oh find your husband or find me but find me forever finders keepers love the one you treasure buy the field god mentioned and dig for its treasure beleive encourage and marry your hopes desires step back into the boat of love and stear it with the wheel in the window as you set of not after red rachakams ghost through arthur rackham tree drawing biut for god's treasyre core seed values and replace industrial thron spokes with firm stron g sfreindly reliable arms braches strong enough for tree houses love amen

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