Sunday, 8 April 2012

evidently consequently hopefully


o izzy pop

and timepiece

and the size of God

I think back to that wonderful moment when i seemed to belong to a family and it was a new place anew bookshop a new beginnining and the life coaching gro model anfd the mindmap called to me and so i will find my way back to that moment in the nottingham christmas bookshop when god brought a row of financialmiracle

pathology and the vorologist and the flabobomotomisy and the doves had been shot the rabits had been found homes and the finches too as rats from the brook chased me from my home consequently

ed said recently that i was moody as i always feel hopeful i had not noticed but george said yes from in a playful mood to being in a bloddy miserable moodo dear how i wish this insight had not reached me as i had not so much got comfortable as was drifting in a loving hopefulness yet there has to be a possibility of joy and of the holy spirit making a difference and so i have to accept tom is going into a hospice as hildegard von bingern nuns sing as if from a mountain and i look at a cheerful iimage i made of the valley the moon the sleeping person and it has a moon in it and i wanted to find a wine label image of blue moon to send to david large oh i sound just like my mum who would happily collage just like samuel beckett just like laurie lee oh

from the 1950's kitchen of bootle when in st monicas avemue a house stood in a field in a cottge of serepair and i realise i am not alone as i blog on the internet but stil

the house we were in faced a field and there were two relativly modest bridges both still there one is a humpedback bridge which sound like an izzy pop possiibility for a stroy

thios lmorning here in thei world of west kirby it is cold and wet outside and the fan heater is blowing warm dryness yet there is a breeze of chilll in the same curretn on the top of my left knee and only self portrait me and god's compassionate word through others are singing with thes nuns the fact of me in this bedroom i smell toast and wonder if sandra is alone in greasby if alison is heading off to wales or sleeping and i do not really think of those who are not thinking of me though i have no evidence that any one is i like alittle momentary audience on my drawing and i was almost reproached my brian's truth from the altar that if he were to surround himself with creative objects and i think in my defence of the crafts lady who was brought back to life by peter

then he would be arrogant and that we would think so too yet when god does the word arrogant is inapprorpriate for all of existence is the creative joy bubbling from god and back to god and i think of love and how the expression of gods love can be enjoyed and delighted in and i think of when god loved adam and enjoyed his delight in playing in eden but now we are to censor that joy with the 'knowldge; the sin of knowing that god found it to be good and we found ourselves naked

what as dylan says in the devil can it all possibly mean

but soem meaning comes from just enjoying joy is a fruit of the spirit and my currency just flow lik in psalm one i am a tree and i am planted by the water and i will both allow myself to be 'artist' as julia says that is really the child me that is the one god wants me to be as neslon mandela said so where are we all going and what does it all mean and am i in a mood or jsy satisfying ed;s observation or is this word mood come to be an onstacel will ed play only at hoime or will he come out to play and can we all be unblicked and life coached and unshelled?

i will make toast and jam and i might try phoniong sandra and perhaps go for a walk with her?

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