Tuesday, 20 March 2012

dance inclusion currency

i am going our more reaching out more allowing myself in more taking part and being taken apart more like the fragment of the prayer i tore into the river of the lavoire in the loire valley where both tintin and davinci were stirred by water table adventure and the currents of the imagination and the yeyes of god's invitation there were i played harmonoca on sympathy for the devila nd swam in a swimming pool and where i was with childhood friend and filled with hope near to paris and expectant of god like the paper mache figures that dripped all night and the salt dough gentility and dubuffet doodles of giamcometi morphs of pared down silhouette three d lowrie without background white gorund any sapce postcard or not
i once wrote my postarcard and cut the siluette simetrical of me and revered the hole so a me in text stood in the scene and the scene stood in me inside the text how many panoramic degrees does that measure how many imensions does that succinctly haiky i am in the dance again i will go see jimmy on friday and i will go see kappa saturday and i will be with god everyday amen

last night the dance flowed through me to me as i gently let it in and let a lttle more of me go and it may all go did you say i sound old why did you o poor silly ears you have grandma am i huirt too     right i am hurt oh well back to work for you they love you   and i do not need to be bullied the cost of your lessons is greater than money and i cannot afford to pay it emotioanlly i am lamb and son of god love and you should be treating me as meast and most i wonder what jesus wrote on the ground beneath your feeet forgive livve begin and hope that you do not present too great an oibstacle with your brmbly hedge to my samll creature beautiful eyed love of all that is god amen in christ dance include let go forgive i am gonna do it all one day someone call the police someone gave back my heart and it is fitting rather well and i will not retaliate in unkindness nor in sem kind but with kindness amen

yesterday i intended to go into town and go to posh hotel but i found myself with my bus pass noticing that it had been one year since i had painted mersey moon on city cafe wall and it was wonderful to be incomabny with ken anded and it felt entrierelyu appropriate to be talking about going after the one sheep in the same vaein as nottinghill and also the good decisison good decision vision i was sharin g as ed showed us reminded us of the film it was good to hug mr izli and his cafe that is a current of youthful staff it was right to speak of amy in barcelona and to read her lovely letter and as i read the collage of thoughts that is the shadow of the wind book it all fell together and to have my new friend sanmdra kindly parying over my dancing as i shared both hurts n hope i felt a little wieght fall away i enjoyed mash poataoes and sausages at city cafe the debussy album that was my film score to the scribbled rooting of my thoughts has just finished and i must find my cup of tea the intenttionin town was to high light the morning pages i had printed out for th review purpose suggesed by julia cameron i will go there soon but toady i will walk and teah figure srcibble making nwith the samll family god had placed in my momentary charge help me then i gray to do it well amen

today i will copmose a letter to babs and end the hurt that i have prolonged for too long now i will put myeslf through the grade one but hope to find another tutor as i am not so vainas to beleileieve i can do this thing unenecouraged ins ome way ame and i will get the piano tuner in to fix the sound amen amen

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