Friday, 23 March 2012

maintained endeavour

sustained belief
prayed into hopefulness
relentless unisex multi tasking
reconciliation of opposites
sports comic
comic sports
Leonardo golden section
universal peace soldier
renaissance man
John Bishop runs
Gabi Logan does stand up
i have run a bath
i have my dvd of i'm your man
george and i to watch after our morning walk
i have used sparky's jelly with goats cheese for my seed bread sandwiches
i will shave my chin in the bath
i will take my tuner and guitar to teach the roll with matty
all of this and morning pages i am squeezing inyto twenty minute so as i want my bath then the morning pages are at marathon speed
yesterday i sent myself a postcard from lady lever using a stamp from a garedn centre
i met with ali and she and i deiscussed serendipity and she showed me a wonderful bell she has and could not unsuprisingly help ringing it
i did my morning pages style artiosts date
in steve's absence as he had been unable to meet up
i drew van gogh and gaugain and mr and mrs lever and a naked echo from the narcissus story i
will upload sometime

i am off to dee after bath walk dvd and i will work on reg and edna olympiocs pictyre so then iff to my bath which i ran whilst making said packed lunch today i will read more of the shadow of the wind and enjoy the company of amy's illustrated letter in linghams amen

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