Tuesday, 27 March 2012


all networking 

all threads all hopefulness

and all Holiness

come down to one word 

and no as beautiful as he is the word is not Jesus

and i beleive that jesus agrees yet 

I will just to show my focus and my heartfelt hope 

show you again the source of the cleanness of the

insight I share once more' Jesus '

before i continue in this river

what word do you click to have shared dialogue with facebook 
what did jesus say about his 

i tell you the truth 
'unless you be like one of these'
what did he say we should consider being 'like
the lillies of the fields and the birds of the air
i tell you the truth he said
what you do or do not do for the least of one of these you do or do not do for me

so we are to like
to be alike in this likingness his likeness
are alike 

the cat and the dog at ian fennelly's home
 both had their ways of welcoming me

and su and i both liked the home and family of ian

jesus spoke of a cup of water to a stranger 
we drank our tea

i go fishing at dee
am i fishing for complements
of course i bait my liking hook 
but i seek to bring fresh harvested alive life giving thrilling spilling water from the brook of me

you are a river and you are not meant to be alone 
you are poured out for many
who are to like you be kind to you and like me you are 
there to find a freshness to give away
yet fishing is to capture and that is not what this fishing for 
people that jesus speaks of means 

no i stick by my liking for the idea that 
i go everywhere for the surprise i offer and that it offers
i go their to be captured by the vast ocean of grace that god had poured out in his son

holy spirit emmanuel in everyone and in me 
'stone soup' is a funny parable google it and if given a chance like it and like it lots for it is paradoxically the warm flesh heart transplant of the stone heart for the flesh heart of all

i like the work of ian garland 
and he likes
like all of us who play freely hopefully
and are placed to share same
a liking for change

as the light caught the surface of an upturned boat sitting away from the stream
and the dog brushed against my hand for liking
we all encouraged each other 
with our mutual worth and tried to make affordable but realistic the hopes in others seeing something they would like whilst enabling the river to flow so all that we like to feed off might sustain and maintain its flow through us as faces change and names become more inviting warmer more romantic and shared wit and cheekiness were part of the wonderful sunlight of givingness in the room

the holy moment of liking   

sports releif had comedians
running and swimming and runners doing stand up
telling jokes or newsreaders kicking their legs in the air 

and we like it

all the right note'liked'notes
but not necessarly in the usuallly 'liked 'right' order 

like each other as i have liked you amen

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