Saturday, 17 March 2012

Time and money and effort reaching out and risks

Sue at dee Fine Arts has been so kind that I can only pray that her
risks on framing lot of work and in hosting a birthday for me and
giving space to a dream that has lasted 60 years will bring fruit to the
tree and the orchard of other souls that her gallery her Blue Moon Gallery
waters.That like psalm one God will nourish refresh and bring to a wonderful
 Eden for others to enjpy watering with hope and provision.May the wine
 that God has lavished through all my friends so alive to it all
will as it has poured on me pour to all who gave so much kindness last night.

My prayer for my good friends Jimmy Simon and Caroline and
myself is for the tune that God wants us to hear divide into
 four part harmony with four part lyrics and somehow delight the mind first of God
and then Jimmy Rae as he hears with amazement just what Jabez did as god
blessed him with 'more'.I was so glad to see feel and watch as the stream that longs to flow
from God's altar in Somon started to have the damned removed
so he could take the canoe over the wall of the levi
and I want to see Jimmy when his voice heart and mind discover the wonder of his own sharing
pouring through him as he watched remembering something fabulous pouring into the psace he had given away to caroline who indeed is listening and getting down what is coming to her seemingly seemless and effort less as she accepts the current blessing of wanting like jimmy to include more in her current

we both like karine polwart but caroline is very generous hearted towards her

my favourite song by karine is

i'm gonna do it all some day

i agree but she is more likely to do so if she stops pretending to be the author and like my friends last night realises that her neighbours and god are the stream to give the all both purpose fruition and wonderment
the blossomness of the blossoms

oh God keep my dance safe in little sandra and keep her safe to dance for she is so lovely amen

 i just got from my pocket my brand new watch and i will use no other now
Rob and Amy had this fabolous watch engraved

we don't stop playing as we grow old but we do grow old if we stop playing oh my wise wonderful children amen

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