Monday, 5 March 2012

rivers of insight

my synapses have been blogging since five thirty
when i returned from a pee

prayers food thoughts have been pouring all the time
and will
will self psycho geography
self will transforming affirmation piano to be practice d walking to be done activities of filing fuelling fixing forwarding feeding finding and fiddling about to understand differentiate appreciate fondle affection feel
psycho spiritual real Jesus geography all is God the car needs fuel the bank account needs funds my heart needs courage my life is encouraged by love and kindness we keep going and growing and tired we push through to aestheitc awakeness remembering through prctice and tender baby persitent steps of fiath with parents or remembered affection drawing us on through the altruistic Holy \spirit lead knowledgre that the real Jesus simply is hope


not pretend
just had an urgent call for one who has to get on and lives under pressure

be gentle amen

So then later morning after piano revision and encouragement and some ealry morning prayer share with good friend

now i in rubins in heswall wifi using on their code

just noticed they have a community talk board

so will put coaching exhibition and guitar posters here

i am drinking warm milk with gingerbread syrup and eating toast
my sons birthday on wednesday love my son

so then my morning pages prompted by the life coaching book by julia cameron entitled the artists way...

my mind was blogging about streams and currents of God's flow from five thirty till i woke

behind me her in heswall is a caribean sort of sound from a mellow sounding girl singer
looking at facebook bob has enjoyed his gig and also built a large lego starship thingy on a hangover
and kappa and co are arriving home from the states
norma has enjoyed being at bob's with izzy pop.
i have invited people i do not completely know to my birthday thinking of jesus and his invites
and those who said they would and wouldn't so invited the street instead
i am yet to meeet me
told my prayer friend the flaty is like someone esles place as if i had gone on holiday change is happening and i am that change
gifts yet to discover
love released yet no on view
put on your sandals simon peter
we are leaving th jail
and how your friends will be surptrised when you arrive more fully alive

mechizadek and chuzzlwick martin dickens rifss on a piano of synchopation

someon is vamping on a piano on  the player now and the lyrics sound as if being spontaneously decided upon
get out and do
make up and mend give away and send
these are my spontaneous words

jack johnson i think it is behind me which i connect to
forrest gump via curios george book and the feather
take a look at both the children s book

i want a load of magazines to collage from am going to ask
i also need a new grey bin

think i will ask on facebook now and leave this blog as that for the moment as i am in dee and want to get on with the map for the farm i am doing

i am praying for a busy friend who is caught in the eye of a storm a salmon in a fast flowing river swimming up steream lord i pray into the once and future king of jesus and think of the flick of the fish ichthus that he pulls out the sword of your truth and is real with everyone today many blessings from god

as i held my arms out crucified in my heart ater prayer in the urc you were in me and i was in you and father you loved through em and still do melchizadek is for tommy now as he walks nearer your place in jesu let love be knowkn in tommy's heart now it isfive past ten and the spirit of the chariot owner is passed by superman's cape as one flies another parts the tide and miracles are pouring through chrusts heart first for jesus tears are never a wasted river in god's belssing amen

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