Friday, 23 March 2012

forever painted stream of possibilities

where are we now?
this is a room of people
a hidden set of hearts
and unknown themes
all dreams
the man beside me drifting off's important

the music playing
once was life's more urgent current seems
so sew it back together
with my very breath let
this Curtis Mayfield song come home
train of faith or
just a song
a prayer a psalm
i bought some dancing shoes
to go to school
i want again the Laurie Lee of new beginnings
the stream outside a breath of life
to bring me to my senses
as the broken band begun again
wants hope and shelter
as the pretty girl who sang for us

a child of joy
decides that she will roam
so shall i let the whole'thing; go
be a picture song

to pull the wings of truth and watch it crawl
no i will saver ever tear stained little dying breath
remembering  this air we share is everywhere

so i cannot ever ever be alone
within my own illusion of identity
the harmonicas of everyone are
drifting melodies unlost
the harps of angels

tangle in the harmonies
the chords refrains and sympathies uncrossed
within view two
i'm near to you to hope again
i am the one outsider who must draw

the architecture drawings of the Ken Martin's nest of  angel man
with abstract wings in lofty shelf away
of cabinets of mapped time based museum fragment overviews of seeing/drawing monuments

of sincere gardens painted on loose canvases
now brought to life by resting strangers treating
them like sheets
a head or two is sinking in the flower bed
that some one painted accurate and neat
oh yellow iris head don't don't know i spotted them
some carefully has garden with their paint and in my past life here in little liverpool
Adrian Henri sowed some just like these
his friend george melly now can harvest them behind the veil of somewhere long ago and
the thank yous they will come with waves of music scores for left and righteous metronomic chores
the busy feet of matthew street is just a corridor of mindless drinking soldiers home from war
oh take us all to parents who are missing us
take us to a school that really cares

i am looking for a way to find my way back in
to the shared paint of the ever living news
belonging to a band that's getting good reviews and a really well read book we all can share
a man with dog and blanket stands and blindly plays and no one listen no not even himand i am with a knidly soul that's very nearly heard and with scribble film an chat i will momentarily encourage hope that we may eat our pizzas that we may dream again and share an airborne whim



  1. This is a brilliant way to remember the night Jim, thank you. Your drawings are excellent. I particularly like the members of the audience! Amazing! :)