Monday, 12 March 2012

o that fresh n bubbly marvellousness

of finding out its spring
the sparrows like me am excited
like sqeeky pyloystyrene bobbles rubbed on glass
outside they are filling the hedgerows of these edwardian terraces
and are so busy being the glass twixt them n  i is auraaly trasparent
i will find my own glasses so i can see the out of sync sounds i am promoting my joy with on this creen

o i love life

i love those i miss
because in my wonderfilled eyes and heart imaginatio and memory they are a big part of this joy yet no cannot shuffle them physically conjure them with a phonecall to release them from sheds n lougnings to draw play out walk draw do stuuf be printmaker humerist i will get my specs n then dive back intothis potential river waste deep in y sharingh pouring out of waleful aethetic of \\\\\\\\god.s enlivening hopefulness holy spirit the watch on my rist lives through arthurs purchasing and my movement and God' excitement for my stimulated mutli sesnory modern ever increasingly new life and liveliness

give me the positive river of gadgets new chirds surorising tunes come dine with me but in concert not contest

The steps a perfect world i would be a musician and travelling journmalist an artist with a shared studio and typewriters or some such for written creativity and purpose and i am concrete goal that isgnals to me its accomplishement-this goal on an emotional level signals true north a home garden and performance play area a pacem in terris. A fillable exhibition performance space of sharing and joy deep with stories and music and flowers and for the poor to be made rich by our sharing a perfect wolrd i would like to be surrounded by my family in five years sliding down a snowy mountain or foing to a wonderful concert and reading izzy pop book with my band performing my songs and theirs
4, to move closer i will dance write learn more of music and perform live and create dreams and illustrate playfully and listen to others encourage them and be encouraged by them i will excersice dance feel my way have lots of kindly teachers and verify them in their kindliness

5 list my dream
draw a series of images playfully sincerely of this world which i will ravel read about explore fro every aesthetic wakeful angle a new language music played on piano and perhaps other instrument clarinet violin whoever there is to teach me and to share
 i will be artis and am it means child of god a student of his provision opening my heart to his vast creative potential and river of trutful none worryment

pefect nurturing woill enable me to produce books of izzy pop thrillers as she awakens the dirk gently ramotswe investigation of new life and i will read these book find myself in a sunnny garden once more drawing all there is to draw god's vast range of peoples faces their movement their city countryside of joy and work i will fly like an angel seeing all in its reaktionshoips god has brough about my fingers will find the notes of the related left and right bass notes and sparrow flight starling nebolousness of wonder i will be carried along like philip giving to all what god provides me to midwife for them to discover in the gift he has already given them amen

a role model is john mayal mixed with frederick franck mixed with enid blyton mixed with ronald searle and mozart and mitchell and bon dylan and hugh fearnely wittenstall as it is my son's and i will fly and see and be and god will be in all i do and he will enable me to speak other languages and dissapear into hios wonderful humility as the seeing of it all tranlsated into forms for man to read his will more flently playfylly nbeyond words drawing music into theri psynaesthesis synthesis associative joy and fruition of all who he has fes my soul woth by their mutual concert of kindness never forgotten

an actio plan

5 years  leanring more of music and developing income streams and travel journalism and takin part in drawing exhibitions article writing submusssion of chilrdens books towards a home in italy or .............
3 years make drawing and etching and distribute my drawings and prints on internet and by locating galleires whilst sustainignpiano treaining and band belonging toness writing and illustrating and promoting childrens books and start to daraw the dancing and the fluid connection twixt all these forms of being
1 year this year i am now 60 i will revisit southport liverpool chester london and fill folders of drawing and fill the internet with print and produce etching and drypoint and write wrtie write and play piano pino piano  and perform talk perorm play be walk dance dance dance

one month  this month a map a mural a party a sharing caring getting involved booking a holiday a sending off a n izzy pop tax return n assignement 8 by end of april

one week a 60th birthday party a map of a farm a walk a harmonica playin a gospel sharing a piano lesson
now choose an action first hing piano practice is my first chosen action after breakfast childhood a page of fantasy childhood would inliude horse riding piano practice and an art school and drawing in paris

I am in paris i have met a lovely charming young lady and we both love playing piano she is kind and we both tnecourage each other there are dance lessons we both book them she and i both help our parent in the garen in the garage in the shops perhaps my dad is a cloclk maker or builder of marvellous inventions a leonardo da vinci who goes abroad to london a lot and i have a show of my drawing of my love and our family orchard and i draw people working thay do not may me any hed and i enjoy french cuisine and am known in her dad's restaurant for a facilkity for omelelttes and egge cooking and fo baking and they invie me encourage me and train me so i am a chef at first and she love me and whilst ahead of me on piano is surprised as i am by my creative intuitive leaps of faith as i wirite a song on the piano and illustrat it and we go to a market bring back lots of ingredeitns i bought from the sale of my drawing o her and we give the church a meal and a dance we bitht trust and love and embrace our friends and they teahc us and we sahere with them hoew to dance and the colkurful matisse picasso world offers me an old stable where i make things and my fatyehr encourges me and shows me tinguely and take me to see a performance of calders wire curcus and me and my girl creat out own dance called stone soup and we open a daance school for dances you v=never do twice buit from ingredeints we regularly reinvent as we head up a mount by cezanne into a world were we talk fresha more musical thrilling spiling language and we m]=employ those who have gone unnoticed and repair their hurts by sharing our love of jesus life creator coach of gifts of new possinbility and acceptance and outdoroor outreach joy

how to reparent my self in this direction practice piano perform what i am able to
create with what i have
reachdeep and remove messiness for clarity of less is more sharing caring live performance musical joy

i can and will draw a lot and play my piano and build on tunes i know and know them by heart

i will know by heart
core values goals and breathiung will be one vast prayerful infusion to my soul

i am cadmium yellow as fleshy soft and taste ful like custard tart and the huour and sunshine theat pours into it and from it vanilla ai am from madagascar fresh aromtic and infused with eden it slef
i painted my bathroom yellow and i will build a wooden side for my bath and get my pictures out of the flat and into group shw and i will pour my body into ariplanes and walk and pratice my piano all the time i will get one of those roll up pianos like toms to travel with me and i wil go to cafes to write out any wonderfuelled romantioc thought and i will write review study literature for quality of expresion and share a bigger perception of god to unlimit percetion of his and no i will not call god sciences as it is too impersonal and offers only academic hope of ceritifacated false authorship i will speek of the soul of god and how it is the very breath of the creative fruitgarend of wonder and draw paint play it

five things i am not allowed to do

skinny dip
pick public flowers
kiss all the lovely girls
give sermon
put a roof on the cresecent
flyt to paris and spend all the money i have
ignroe the tax return
help myself to cakes
get drunk
smoke big cigar
take a plane to barbados

write it draw it paint it dance it now

THESE ARE ALL IDEAS FROM THE END OF week 8 recovering a sense of strength
i will have to print he page with 4-8 as they are big in expectation and creative action
requiring i dance paint and are about ideal days

just now i will make breakfast
i will scan and print the page 148 of artists way
i will practise piano and then go for a walk and then i will go to dee and finish the map of the farm

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