Monday, 19 March 2012

izzy pop and sixty pop

so then before bed new chapters flowing with the rest
and the fatigue and the stretched

a collage of tracks plays from an old apple mac this morning by my friend fro college
from collage of my life i was young married and bob was two
mike who has made the c.d. for me is a lover like john peel of all music world music ?
all is world anyway last night

before bed with horlicks soporific milk

izzy was thinking my thoughts ivestigating a book her ctional grandfather was pouring out
and had in fictional print
stream of human consciousness

the book was called(here i go back into the three keyboard lounge
to read the board i wrote on student to myself and to all that flows through

1st chapter "unstuckability"
you stop doing the things you have got used to doing
and reach out
step into
new possibilities
in order to unstick your friends'
perception of you
&thus empowering them

izy sat in the corner of the cafe where she had seen the drawings of her grandad flow from
on his face book page his youtube the river of shared stone soup of God's unstoppable gift river of 'each otherness'

the crime is the crime of stuckness

she was listening in her ipod to supertramp
she had made a huge intuitive leap one we should all make if we are to infer a real meaning on the real christ of all hearts that of our purpose is to unstuck people who have become stucked forget the news make the river cleaner by putting more good stuff in

time she thought for anew style detective yeah to the randomness of dirk gently but izzy pop has purpose to her little seed life

she would satisfy and help become the snwer to jesus prayer of hopefulness that is the whols of john's gospel that of all will know that they are as loved as the son of god as the son of god intented mutual toal shared repair of the unstuckness the gumption dino rod flush of forgiveness received isiah rain fulfilling its snowy silver lined purpose.

how to unthink her grandad had infered she thought oif 'good decission good decision

- "I live in Notting Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are. My mother has trouble remembering my name."
-- "Fine, fine. Good decision. Good decision. The fame thing isn't really real, you know. And don't forget, I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

he needed unblocking
he needed to


his thinks biubble he needed the unnoticed clown's hat pin to burst this follish ballon he needed cupid's arrow sent at the nod of a welsh comic's generous gentle face

unthink repent you u turn the opposite of that sad deluded mrs thatcher who we must all forgive and forget the iron mask features

what to unthink today and what to seek to get down before the idea drips from you synapesesssss?

so then today i am wanting hungry for piano before i go on my artist date folowed by my dance date with the cheeriest soul i have met in a long time amen

so i will go and refix with its velcro n staple the whiteboard for izzy pop to the bcak of the bedroom door that has its front really in the lounge and i will wipe these notes that were just grace notes as i listen for waht to catch from the rain that falls on the surface of my mind like mann that must be used to satisfy the hunger i have and with immediacy and yet patience trust and openess amen

love the man's hat i will where mine washing machine reformed hat and am quite tempted to wash the new black one to form it into the sahpe of mr bib's cool hehe?

so piano and julia cameron amen today then dance

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