Sunday, 25 March 2012

the rolling pouring taking part

of simply being
and being part of simply rolling
being free alive
not knowing yet saying
something delibeartely unknowing
so as to make yourself known to a self
that thinks it knows thinks iteslf known
top of its only bill endless birthday party of me

yet loves to meet a friend in a new location for tea of film or concert or in truth celebration of our mutual
each otherness
i will not only learn to dance
but alos not to do it the same way twice or even the firt time imperfectly fresh unknown

no rehearsals reversals

a friend to a friend and i spread out with sunlight pouring in said not revolutionary but

'revelation-ary' wow! what a liberating word wow!

did you know
though i don't know you
enthusiasm from the Greek means full of  God

i thin that is what D.H.Lawrence meant when he said
'what is the use of a man unless he has a little God i him
and what use a woman without the same?'

Conscience if science is not to be a con nor a false god Icon
is that still small something that is shared when we hear the lyric of another and cry laugh
get on their train of thought you do not need a ticket
'you just thank the Lord' amen

forget your perfect offering
broken pot
we are all cracked that is how the light gets in and out

my play on a leonard Cohen lyric
if a thing is worth doing it is worth doing

to be happy be

sue jefers and other have all been cajoling us with the Holy Spirit of get on board
do somethingness coaching training bussing biking get on board shipping river trickle of income and outcome open systems taps left on

wnet to the williamson the other day though i met a friend they are not
with me in this sentence as i turn to the van gogh and the gaugain on the wall two self portraits one of each and here are my scribbles
 we learn to do something by doing it get into the creative flow i am investigating life i am exploring being out with musicians i must get closer invite possibilities travel using my pass and draw draw draw and write write write and write evrywhere with wifi with pen on various surfaces free and happy and joyfully part of it all amen

deliberately taking part in the flow of it all giving away somethings for free
like a comedian
it is to be loved i give in the hope of flowing and inviting more flow the jive dancing is that everyone putting some ingredients from their being into the mix for everyone elses benefit amen emmanuel

so julia cameron's book suggested i sent my self ome congratutlaions and i did i sent a postive cheerful postcard from the lady lever

some others i drew in the lady lever where the mr and mrs themselves

and then i found echo a scupture to the dying of a voice in the wilderness as the love of her life that caused her very breath has gone beautiful scupture but she should have listened to the voice of the lad on the back of his dad's motorbike in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance instead of the jackson pollocks dai freud myth of narcissus and seen life for 'herself' amen gald that the friend who likes to meet me is like my daughter aware of their own voice and ways amen
why not visit my show in its final week at De fine arts and then go visit echo and van a pual gain at lady levers gallery blessings jim the artist aka heartist a prayer

here is my own version of echo paper moon which you can see at dee

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