Sunday, 4 March 2012


requires no paradigm shift
though it does require
an uprooting of false models
in the revelation of its own immortality
it is love
it has God's voice
the authority it has is
not opinion but
fluidity acceptance and transforming
implications for you
individually loved
universally appreciated one

male female child father mother family village
home maker
let your contents flow
with the truth

impermanent ephemeral
momentary life
questions and answerss are questionable
but let us not enter the vague pseudo science of making it up
no Stephen Hawkins you are surrelist painter not vififiable truth producer
you ask me to follow you no because like a fool you arrive and trust in your conclusions not in the shared harmony of the concert of diverse bigger not crusted
yet you sought to expand the mind of maths
by worm holing back to a favoured position
your own and your friends
string of thought theory
tied up in knots or rather yes and nos
logic gets a ride on its own
wave of 'theory'
just an endless piece of graffiti
pretending to be food for though yet planting no food
no water
no sharing
just another piece of your mind
the peace for my minds turth is a collage of all positions all
instruments with a thred of frequencies with purpose to enjoy sharing caring enabling

yet i can provoke some truths of my own

marriage and football require a change
as do all invitations to dance in harmony with each other
change is tyruth
what do i suggest well lets try this
such harmony of skills and courteousness that football gets redesigned not to be a womman team against a man teram
no reall
babies except of violence there from the goal scoring againt each other oh no nore any ture romance just bitterness jealousy envy and lack of harmony a contest of testosterone test of what certainly not the truth oh no

man and women on both teams and wearing the same coloured shirts both

so is the game over no just begun
the pitch none existent vast here in our homes and in our world

the truth goal we want to score is that of the childrens safety so
they are in the goal
and husbands and wives team as goalies
as kahlil gibran suggests looking outwrd together
no there is no simplification of the truth just parables onmmetaphors expanding into hope form the crowd who are not watching but encouraging both teams endlessly
the finches and the goldfish bowl filters are simply
singing as i notice a crinkly unfoldy sound from an old apple mac awakeneing screen less at first ah i have its button and i am placing hildegard von bingen to play for me and to effect the emerging lyrical river of momentary reality love and our truth
oh jerusalem

wish list core values prayers change visualise dream folder
elvis costello
barabara hepworth
sengai 's hotei
picasso dancing lesson
home outside and in breathing from end to end

I tried to upload sequentia but it proved a little hrd work i want to practice my piano soon
had some more of the porridge with sultanas maple syrup salt water and milk yummy also two fizzy vitamin c tablets

I will now refer to the week's suggestions for the morning pages etc
i have included soem luxury above which she suggested

a have fed the goldfish and switched on the fan heater
and am gazing around me for inspiration and i like my big zizg zag hockney /ahlberg /klee/me picture
of adam and eve me and a lovely girl togethe in a candy strip bed
i have a candy strip blanket on mt piano stool pine chest in the lounge
i love soft gentle colours
kiss my eyes as do paul klee chagal paintings

i have lifted down and am holding a lovely light wood giraffe amy gave me
it is simply and beautifully made
it is very klee and very friendly i have stood it near and it is of such a lovely smallness it is not quite as tall as the netbook or perhaps exactly as but the tips of its little hrons fade into th background whilst its little forehead and nose catch the light
it is arthur gee a friendly eye and a reassuring presence seeming interseted but not wanting to interupt
anthropomorphism and the suspension of disbeleife perhaps it can encourage me to write a book for izzy pop about izzy pop the young child detective i hope and beleive i shal write these stories gather clues and let them be written as i will alos now go and practice piano followed by playinh bass and operating the sound system lord god allow it all to go well amen


week 7        what gives us true joy?
                   serious art is born of serious play

when we try to think something up
we are straining for something beyond our grasp
when we get something down there is no strain

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