Tuesday, 6 March 2012

okay then

Did I choose today?
Perhaps .
Procrastination choice to do something else-not sure.
The letter I picked up on my way to a piano lesson
was in response to my letter arising from the artist way prompt to thank people.
Wondering now if I did, as it was accepting, yet declining an invite to my 60th birthday party.

That makes three is the mind that spoke in sadness to my soul.
Three  kindly souls had encouraged me and they did not know each other.

Arthur Muraski is dead,
Arthur Gee is dead.
Brian Beadles is dead.

But they are not though as my life is encouraged and fuller
 because at a moment lasting a few years for each my
world was impacted and served by their kindness

Arthur Gee was my friend we were both students of George Drought .
I took over George's Bluecoat Studio etching group and Arthur
also joined an etching group at Southport College I ran.
When I was retired by the college he became my kindly companion
as we both took our packed lunches to Wrexham where we
explored our printmaking adventure with great fun.
He liked the range of things I liked to do in painting printing etc
His belief in my work and mine in his was a lovely thing to share know.

Brian Beadles built me a studio when I was first married
he had met me at my graduation show at the Acorn Gallery
in Liverpool and he liked my work too and encouraged me by
wanting to be invited to all my exhibitions.

Arthur Muraski helped me to succeed in my degree
he fired my ceramics.He built my stretchers and molds
and when years later he visited me he bought me a watch in Chester.
And Billy Winchester was a friend of his so I cooked them both
a meal here in this flat and  i drew them both .They had worked together
 at Littlewood's building Christmas grottoes.

Earlier this morning I posted a letter to John
and then went to the post office to post a card and a book to my son for his birthday.

I was supposed to be teaching my four students
and i was exploring wire Plasticine and various
versions of drawing the illustrative figure
that after my piano lesson
butI had a phone call cancelling.

So then a different day
 a call from Ed also changed the shape of the day.

How to do the best with the day

 i called in to Char to say I would be there later
John Derek Eileen and Philip were there
and I told them ed would be joining them.

On my way to the lesson I plucked three blossoms
the first was prompted by a nice reflection of the gift of two murals to my tutor
but I started to feel as I plucked to more from different trees that they were
my friends or my prayer gratitude to them.

I listened at my piano tutor's to her student Margaret play a second level piece
very well.My tutor was kind and I ate chocolates drank tea and enjoyed the
being a student and did my best.She very kindly took notes and will give me the number of a piano tuner.

I called back at Char and Ed ,John & Derek were there
I ordered a glass of water and put my blossoms in it

I remember enjoying the chat as I recalled my friends in the blossoms.

Ed came and played on the new piano

He took me to the farm but it was closed so we went to Thurstaston and I shared
the artist way with him over warm milk and a seed cake

It was exciting to hear and see the photos of the Kappa band who
 are back from their great American trip

I went for a walk on return and felt good that I had walked yesterday and today

I called again at the house with the  seed heads who had given me the designer tie.
Three seed heads one for each of my friends.

there is fourth encourager to add to the demised angels of my life that of Dr Frederick Franck.
Now I turn here in my lounge of instruments in open prayer emotionally and hopefully to you loving father God
please help me to put all this wonderful encouragement to some good purpose.

What to do about to be sixty and saddened by the loss of four irreplaceable
artistic creative wonderful kindly friends.Five if I include Billy Winchester.


Tomorrow what should I do I responded to the requests of Julia Cameron's book by asking for magazine from Margi and Char  nearly bought some whilst on my walk but they did nto take switch so I spent on two cards of the girl whose show is on at Staaaks

I pray Lord that I will do the wine label design for david and soon complete the map and thus have resoureces for party frame and to carry me through to MOT and road tax  and perhaps that little holiday in London I hope to do where I will honour Dr Frederick and Jimmy Rae and Arthur Muraski who I associate Portobello Road market with.him

Oh Lord help me to make my art and music and to know that it is your blessing amen

i am saddened by the loss of my friends thank you for piano hope little cards and my walk and work help me to honour you please favour me that i may yet be a blessing to those who knew or were related to my friends.

Help me please.

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