Tuesday, 6 March 2012

skimming the surface

of our wakening mind
the stone of attention
bounces lifting a little of the water of common threads
and associations and glancing connecting undercurrents
broodings warmings/warnings
of missed points,random glancings
of sin of hitting the insight at just the right amount
of bounce to make forward paths to the love of a
father's intentions encouragements core values goals
Eileen and i discuss our father God
over coffee and milk in the scribbled walls of freedom given
by a caring Holy Spirit and a shared scripture and I think of
the Real Jesus .Is that from a denomination of one or a real word from God
that oner of us or a few of us should know somehow that we are in
concert on another's behalf yet it gets mixed up with mine own
we would have each other know the real forgiving power of not a fantasy but a really reached for believed in not to be rejected but sought after 'protected' in out hearts beleif in on who does and can and is willing to make a difference
is there implied critique in a friend's words?
my thought no longer on eieleen's concersation but upon the blessing of two who care and are there for me to go to in concert of prayer resepcting hoped for changes yst i speak of the drawing gift as the still noticed river of cribble and my not being willing to lie because i would have others have my gift and i their's and i still am trying to convince another that there is no singular gifting but the offer of abundant sharing in developed and enjoyed encouraged and mutual plat do i do we do us as opposed to a them seek our specialness to our father the real jesus being the one that i conjure up and choose instead of their's our's

oh only outside the prayer the hoped for listener that Bob Dylan
refers to as not there to be a store keeper for us but is in fact to be praised
i know they were not his actual words i.e. dylans but that is the fairy godmother god
that i feel he wanted to allude to a prophet of warning a voice of old testiment yet still there in the warnings of Christ

jimmy says both God Jesus and Holy Spirit feed my lambs well i try but not in my authority but in my child like ness and honesty
i.e i pray for a sharing of the concert of seeming skills that are really just developed playfulness through practice with a desire motivation and a joy from the gift of being givenm the breath of life and the playfulness of thought and the tuning into the harmony of helpful sound sytsems of each others hearts ears and hopefulness

so then
today i am not so much spoiled for choice but informed by otpions as i think of billy harrison elly and rose and
then look to the othe children disney blake calder and others who respond with a sort of chord spelling of the human identity with the building blocks of their own ways of drawing the characters that make up a person boy girl man woman and then move them either linear wire or proportion dough

i would go with salt dough or plasticen or have them imagine such as they stir the lines in the swimmine pool of the milky paper surface art is not a business nor a game it is a prayerful reaching to enjoy the forming and reshaping the mind mapping toy of being reflecting upon an persoanlising a relationship with the modelling of possibilities the lego blocks of contact and the pieces falling into place playfully as we rediscover or joy of aesthitics are the vast shed and kitchen a nd garage of bits to rearrnage like musical notes for each othe by squeezing bbbblllp or twanging bennnnd or pushing bump bump bumpety bump to make bread made a starshoip or to fly on lyrics or climb god's trees in an orchard of pie making fruit and bread an dwine making companionship all invieted its a big field and look here come Jeus who says he will not feed us but gives us his body from all arouind us and says you feed them andrew peter or any of us my sheep least of one of these 'me'

so then to piano practice or art lesson or fellowship with little funds in acafe of morsoe newspaper reading sullen ness no please no i choose playfyulness patientce yes but not hospital ward patients

no i went for a walk last night and was glad to motivate myself to do so lord help me to feel your manipulations do they concur with the sprit in me is it me is it you is it us and is it tuned to helpfulness i can only guess blog search and revisit this arit's way hoping it is Jesus way too amen

i will post my son the frog book in tube i will send the lavendar card i will enjoy a hope in my heart of preparation for the lesson for rose harry elli and billly


postofice at nine and a note through john's door then

and a pray and a pratcise of the piano i hope amen

and i will look for the word for today and thae artist way and for hoped for dialogue through the translators of you amen

seven times seven times forgive myself
practice five minutes three times a day says simon

julia says three pages because onlu one and a half and you miss the pay dirt
her healing inteention is consistent with the persistence of prayer and practice and like gods is to keep going not to worry of jesus you are trying to enjoy and be encouraged by a God who loves and genuininely wants to help

this to me then is the 'Real Jesus'

one worth knowing who does love does care and is very misunderstood by our arrogant judgmentalism
the devil wants to fuel our fears Jesu wants us to make fuel of out fears to throw them out and not reciprocate nor forard them but to use the anger to be changed by
this must be the pay dirt
we are given and to give ourselves the humility to enjoy learning because it is there that the tune begins the gift is opened and the hoped shared encouraged received belieived and healing yes

so then i will fuel myself with an egg butty and get dressed and post my package to Bobby and send him ann email now to let him know that i know and care that it is his birthday tomorrow and that i love him.Amen
i will write some more i am giving myself the morning ith god to prepare to teach playfylness this afternoon

i think the farm painting is coming on and i cannot wait to play with it when complete on the computer to lift and transform and improve is playfyulness feel

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