Wednesday, 14 March 2012

to flow with the river of life lovingly

this is the answer i woke up asking for
i asked myself what is it i want
what would be a perfst day?
i thought of why write
why seek to play piano if it is hard
why want to walk
swim talk play for people be with people
read good books?
who are my heroes ?
some answers to these ripples in the river
i warm to enid blyton as her charactors are doing this
river they are a children's parliament of fairness shared
good to think of her in touch with piano and garden and education
and asneilll summerhill type thought
i admire the warmth of her books
tove jansonn spent a lot of time alone on an island in her imagination and rippled on the shore with lovely crearues of thought sreating less is more images
my frined simon dives into the piano and swims with both hands through the notes splashing out chords that mange to lift the melody with passing notes found mostly in the right hand as he thinks in not thirds and seconds but the ful series of intervals 234567 and finds these with the chord inversion in his left completed by the righ holding the first not his left the thumb mostly on the third his first finger in the 5th and his little finger of his right this is on the octave

this is to flow and ripple witht hte lyrics magiaclly joyflly and wonderfully alive babs n i were listening to a friend we wanted to be like as he played we were freed

ed last night no doubt as roadie to his drummer daughte laura will have with many other rippled along too to kappa whoi has found his way into the river and reveals it joyfully as does jimmy with song hopefully happily loved accepted and joyfully a whole village of shared communuino and companionship the bread being shared being the food that jesus lived off the water being offered the mann that is in the moment and cannot be stored up

i too had sucha concert in watching thought revealled through interview
i was not happy with ruby wax's self clever grins to camera no she was not eric morecombe nor funny as
she falsely slyly befreinded emelda marcos and getting her to perform it was an exposee of false innocencence i think ruby thought she was showing it was really an unkind child with a self deluded child seeking to amuse the rest of the children and invite theri cruel judgement

yet perhaps the order of the programmin with frost interviewing interviewers and reviewing interviews and technique followed by a wonderful frank skinner monoguing freely to a sympathetic raiser of only a handful of invites more of a kindly blog with freinds help a good coaching session or counsellingone perhaps but flowing
ruby's flowed poinsonously with purpose then to reveal an undercurrent of truth and so

what do i want when will i know i have it and will joy pour throughme
are we not al i feel exactly like emelda wanting security of love and financial security to know god will provide we want more
more ability more successful lessons more wow i did not think that i could do that
to amaze be amazed be encriched to flow well and to share and share in the provision of freedom encouraged courageuos getting on with it trusting and ready to accept i am not the author of this someone god is like john mayall enid blyton canned heat dylan singing a flowing nautre tune writing a wonderful scriot introducing us to worth while and relevent other people parts of the flow that will help us to know that yes you will write childrens book that will encourage and celebrate your grand daughter that thought the years grow in number childlike joyfulness and celebration will bring carnival and sharing on the edge or in the heart of the allotted allotment the river the wonderful good tree of life that as klee says we get to transform what we took in at the roots into gold fruit mined for at the crown the white haired crown oh the river that manages like neil young to strike the passing harmonic notes thrillingly as he is a minor for a heart of gold though he's getting old and that well on the hill where james and earth moving paestry maker carole king let it be you got a friend oh now watch her play that piano to i feel the erath move under my feet

so i will work on the map of the farm today i will go once watercoloured to slinky's were kindly people might pass comment as i risk spending on a cup of tea and pen in lots of falilies at play in the collage of sandpit raod animal s greenhouses food stores and trees good to hear that annabell enjoys birthdays here and knows cat n mat lif'es collage is happier for me when their are stories in the picture i lived john mayalls albums because of his girlfriends names and the many ways in he had to the river via harmonic keyboard guitar album sleeve artwok and childhood tree house and the tree of musicians flletwood mac came through as did clapton as did cream as di d all kind of othe fusions of souls seeking to express their musica riffing heart pumping bas n drum journey of reahced for nots and bubbled evenings of ccompanionship reveries and mountain top stone soup sharing

frank said of the old rolling stones someone should tell them to do it at home whilst he admired individual commedians who died on stage tommy cooper i feel i should like to not die on my own pretending to be jesus and thinking now the world will see how wonderful i was and am no i would prefer that we went to heaven together on the love forgiveness and singing with both frank skinner and imenelad innocent and childlike written by enid blyton into mutual understaning in an allotment of hopefulness omega three brain fed note noticing reveries where as dennis potter pointed out the blossomness of th blossoms is wonderful  aaaah this shared wonderfil river of try try tyr again never never never never give up so then today inch by inch the farm map so i can then layer by layer take it back to canvas for them to play with and alos a few noted with observations to hopefully play well or badly momentarly satisfying so that one day i do grade one piano why because i want ot belong and be like the other children in class who managed to get there so that inevitably i can swop instrument encourage others and have the flow in an around me of mutually encouraged people who are amazed by the fredom of sharing and the nurturing of mutual kindness hopefulness ame lord god

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