Wednesday, 7 March 2012

how brave shall i be?

less is more and more is also more and there is middle ground too
art for postage satmp and art for a mural wall

i think i will eventaually write tow book one that is essntial a zen of moment to moment being
succinct and lovely
and a more is more
about the abundance of all the stories rooms villages mind map and intereatedness of storyline and the unfolding of intention options obtacels and the coming through to flowering fruition and baking making building collaging scrapping of deilcisios frahgments

today then  to work at the essential chords and melodies and scales and also the pieces with their own integrity and integrated woven clever editings and augmentations

wish me look
better still pray and shine your own light insopire and feed my soul with hope encouragemtn and belief amen

i did mu morning pages and prayers more privately on paper earlier and i have some ideas for the day i have designed new wine label and have a small list of mini shoppings and look forward to soem income from \God's supper provision for me soon#
as i risk a birhtday and other things like the piano beforeme now and possibly joingin ed at the cavern later

oh the whirl wind of life blowing me along and blowing through yet i must pause take stock and play a few notes buy a few thiongs

fish food
sented oils
a form to the post office for my travel pass i will be 60 soon

that will do i promise whovere that i have done a paper version nof my daily pages amen

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