Tuesday, 27 March 2012

persistence stamina determination

hope and faith and trust in God
gently does it Jimmy
yet get up get on get out
belong believe
wonder if reg n Enda could own a shop
need three sections
not army n navy
not work n play
here in west kirby two lovely people ran ashop i included in a cheshire life article
their surname beach
i was going to write just about them
how one side was hers fun toys
and his army surplus uniforms/collectibles
i bought lots of plastic sea side buckets for my jim the artist business to paint watercolour from
Holy Spirit living water

so then three shops side by side
one for the dog
sally charlie and snoopy
last of summer wine
parent adult child
transactional analysis
sally with her psychiatrist booth
snoopy with his frivolous red baron kennel
my dad reluctantly accepted embraced the puppy my mum brought home for me
fit in my duff le coat poacket looked like a hamster at the end of the red leather lead
a scruffy lovely sought of terrier with yorkshire terrier colours

the shop will be work and play    and rest
to gently provide joy for the beach
their childhood dream together ending in wales

i have an appointment this afternoon at rob n amy's old school
to put a mural on their wall
a collage of love for all the children and satff as they rest
after all their reg and enda-ing
hilda and stan are reg n enda and they have caused all murals to be murials
joked with su at dee
about the character that hilda plays
in last of summer wine
speaks in the royal we i think we love customers
as if there were a partner
perfect partner would be julie walters n
that on who did an audience with
you know that pam ayrs?
of the piano v something its coming has a line in the comic song
hit me on the bottom with the woman's weekly no meekly
going to have to google it
last chance jimmy oh here we go then
women commediannes
no not vivienne west wood shes a genius spike milligan of clothing
not violet carson i think thats ena sharples
god the wll of my mind seems deep and unusual
the morecombe n wise of excellence who did the intro to that brilliant programme on
on whom thinit was eric and ernie

This list is limited to comedians who also played an instrument onstage.
David "Stringbean" Akeman - banjo
Steve Allen - piano
Woody Allen - clarinet
Axis of Awesome - guitar, keyboard, vocals
David Baddiel - piano, guitar
Bo Burnham - piano, guitar
Bill Bailey - various - most often guitar, keyboard, theremin
Heywood Banks - multiple
Pete Barbutti - piano, accordion ("cordine"), trumpet
Tom Basden - guitar
The Bedroom Philosopher - guitar, accordion
Mitch Benn - guitar, vibraphone, spoons
Jack Benny - violin
Mike Birbiglia - guitar
Jack Black - guitar, saxaboom
Dennis Blair - guitar
Victor Borge - piano
Albert Brooks - piano
John Bytheway - guitar
Charlie Callas - drums
Rodney Carrington - guitar
Jasper Carrott - guitar
Johnny Carson - drums
Dana Carvey - piano, guitar, drums
Tommy Chong - guitar
Chris Cohen - guitar, vocals
Billy Connolly - banjo, guitar
Jonathan Coulton - guitar
James Davies - Piano, Ukulele
Les Dawson - piano
Jessica Delfino - guitar, rape whistle, autoharp, flying v ukulele
Doug Anthony All Stars - guitar, vocals
Da Vinci's Notebook - Vocals
Jimmy Durante - piano
Kevin Eldon - guitar
Lee Evans - piano
Jimmy Fallon - guitar
Wayne Federman - ukulele, piano, guitar, drums
Graham Fellows (as "John Shuttleworth") - keyboard
Michael Flanders - piano
Flight Of The Conchords* - guitars, various
The Folksmen - guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo
George Formby* - ukulele
Zach Galifianakis - piano
Garfunkel and Oates - guitar, flute, piano, maracas, and ukulele
Paul Garner - piano
Kyle Gass - guitar
Ricky Gervais - Guitar
George Gobel - Guitar
Rich Hall - keyboard
Andrew Hansen - piano
Hard n Phirm - numerous instruments
Tim Hawkins - guitar, piano
Ed Helms - piano
Rainer Hersch - piano
Harry Hill - 'hornophone' (one of his own creations)
Homer and Jethro - guitar, banjo
Montana Logging and Ballet Co. - guitars, keyboard, bass
Eric Idle (of Monty Python) - guitar, piano
Neil Innes (of Monty Python) - piano
Eddie Izzard - piano
Hoosier Hot Shots - various
Penn Jillette - bass
Spike Jones - percussion
Mickey Katz - clarinet
Boris Khaykin - rapper, beats, guitar, piano, synth
Sam Kinison - piano, guitar, drums
Robert Klein - harmonica
Jon Lajoie - guitar
Hugh Laurie - piano, guitar, harmonica
Stewart Lee - guitar
Tom Lehrer - piano
Jerry Lewis - drums
The Lonely Island - various
Matt Lucas (as George Dawes) - drums
Stephen Lynch - guitar
David McSavage - guitar
Demetri Martin - guitar, glockenspiel, piano, harmonica, tambourine, toy bells, keyboard, ukelele
Steve Martin - banjo
Chico Marx - piano
Groucho Marx - guitar
Harpo Marx - harp, piano
Taylor Mason - piano
Kate Micucci - ukulele
Tim Minchin - piano, guitar
Dudley Moore - piano
Dermot Morgan - guitar
Kevin Nealon - guitar, banjo
The New Main Street Singers - guitars, mandolins, tambourine
Conan O'Brien - guitar
David O'Doherty - keyboard
Ardal O'Hanlon - keyboard
Rob Paravonian - guitar
Geraldine Quinn - guitar
Raymond and Scum - guitar
Howard Read - ukulele
Rhett and Link - guitar, recorder, harmonica, bass harp
Mark Russell - piano
Bob Saget - guitar
Andy Samberg - rapping/Singing
Sammy J - piano
Adam Sandler - guitar, drums, ukulele
Peter Sellers - ukulele
Scared Weird Little Guys - Various Instruments
Akiva Schaffer - rapping/Singing
Ronnie Schell - piano
Helge Schneider - piano, trumpet, guitar, drums, clarinet/saxophone
Peter Sellers - drums, ukulele
Gene Sheldon - Banjo
Frank Skinner - banjo, ukelele
Brendon Small - guitar
Dick Smothers - bass
Tommy Smothers - guitar
Spinal Tap - guitar, bass, drums, keyboard
Ray Stevens - piano, banjo
Donald Swann - piano
Jorma Taccone - various instruments
Jim Tavare - bass
Judy Tenuta - accordion
Tenacious D - guitar and vocals
Nick Thune - guitar
Tripod - guitar and vocals
Carla Ulbrich - guitar
Tracey Ullman - guitar
Uncle Floyd (Floyd Vivino) - piano
Daniel Lawrence Whitney - guitar
Tim Wilson - guitar
Dennis Wolfberg - guitar
Victoria Wood - piano
Frank Woodley - guitar
Steven Wright - guitar
"Weird Al" Yankovic - accordion
Henny Youngman - violin

there i control n b d her

Now what in my sretam on concert or conscience even did i want to say associative to add to the seasoning of the stone soup of inclusivitiyt di i want to say
can't goolegle that
not yet
oh satellites n loving Father's it has and all it Goddle coddle loved nutrured and provided for out wonderment and untilimately unfathomably for yours
give us a clue remove our need for meaning
and why is eddy listed amongst the musical commedian's
and on  piano too

i noticed ith great affection that lovley dudley moore is below tim minchin
well i think tim is a genius but does not eat off any humility and though his synpses snap and his rhymes are full on cynical and though he shakes the tree
i can see no afffetction not like dudly

but heh lets get away from compare and contrast the olympics of cometition and get back to the
joy of reconciation of oposite that fed the husband n wife caricature of victorious song

all the pople in the audience with that vintage wonderful piano
 playing and the inspiration for my wanting to play piano
rhyme with reason
i seek stamina

so then today i can go for a wlk and practice climb into explore more the book simon lent me and climb into literature and dreams of izzy pop the detetive
i did not thin much of judy moody thouth the bok felt and looked good choice of colour cober subtle brown paper feel interiors handicrat natiurals with warm rounded loose black and white illustrations
i taught illustratio
it gave me the chance to coach others in to playing their linear riffs in mannered wasy
 to align with the materil rhymes i had had written or cloned under pseudonyms in the hope of being found out and amazing everyone
yet i hear the sermon and see the truth of
give the glory to god
i reproached ed when he decided to question the man who had rescued thousands from a concentration camp and hid the fact
i defended it as true humility
and ed quite rightly said no
people should be told and inmspired by the goodness we do

it has onlyu out of context as i write he was probably terrified brave as he was that
perhaps he was still a target of the devil
humility perhaps is the only way to get the bullies to go see out dad father god instead of have them come after us
perhaps he feared that if they found him and his records through his boasting that they may find the children he had shephered to safety

work with what you have too
the religious are not to be your first choice
choose the one's still out here who like the samaritan lady have some poverty and humility still left for spending

so then today i walk play and rest

and i imagine the London calling me
a train i can do my tax return on
and my brave revisit to southport no one there that i once knew oh but perhaps the knidly printroom technician
who knows nothing there like when students would come looking for jg or richard of neil or someone who was out for lunch it migh make me very sad brave though

don't look back turn to salt

i am thinking planning of making salt dough and i will soon
do i want to plan plough on with morning pages

review on thurdsday

it is wednesday and in the other room i am trying again with the jimmy rae film footage of matthew street hope it works he earned it just by finding a venue of such merit and feeding his musician friends dreams and yes because he is good and god blessed him with a lovely daughte whose heart he longs to inspire protect endorse and benefit with a father who gardens this world with song seeds of change asking where is the love and reverently caring about a mother;
's loss of her son as a guitar is all that is left oh to scribble well yet for him on lead i must show matty all those five neck patterns that i can and will scribble on on the paiano in both hands i will show all those who have hurt me

yu know that is where i think tim minchins venom comes from too all commedians are warrios not only cutting edge but ctting words that stick stone caned bruised felled worried and abused them

my friend george had a wood work tacher who asked 'waht have you done to my wood'
oh the sap in him must have gione through some frogiving inquisition as he approached the school gatres headmastyer office prefects badge in hand at the lords bread and wine
re memver means put back together
oh the potters field where judas ended chasing the dime

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