Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dear Lord

push the buttton
of our mutual hardrives
bring us all back to life in a shared magazine a higher strreet to share of shring being more somethinhg loving hello you

a sensitive loving gentle whisper of music is seiving my mind caressing the thought a flute and a landscape by debussy  is harmonising mee yet does not know it justas this lovely bowl of muesly the plastic bowl i bought with another to holiday with amy  in paris bought in brighton we ate on harbour wall or paris street simialr muesli i am sure aaah she sends me her photogrpah to loin together a view froma madrid window mountains and space and homes

today there is a prayer walk give em something to say share with people walking let seandra be there perhaps

two kindnesses to myself are beforeme on tha little tin that does not have mints in youra are lovely may flowers of happinness endlessly grow in the sweet enchanted garden of your heart looks like edward mongton? the little tin has my five beach pebbles in

the other is the mug and saucer although it is small both covered in hearts

sort of want to infer have you read my mind or see with symmpathetic accuracy somehow

the violin section is nowscurrying and rtumpets and a swirl this is good cinematic debussy

woke with bloggable depth asking how to break into myself

this followed from other thoughts about to whom do i write to whom are my thoughts deires=cted even before i choose i am sending them are they anywhere being received |God do you hear is this the really good knews
alright no immediate reply yet being alive still infers soem sort of miraculous susatined being a premeditated god sized response to my awaited seeking yet it is seeking to a forthcoming companion simple shariong soul like those who have died mostly men who were kind yet i always seek still seek that perfectly lovely intimate girl my girl trusting rightly this kindly person behind this still small searching me that have has is god for my life is god given god owned is the true identity idea id  i dee as the fremch say what is your idea idee without the a identify your latest occasion of realisation its purpose the you that htis fruit lets the tree exist to influence and share this stream these similar salty of fresh water seeing being encouraging streams of common yet un commmon seasoned sustaining life thoughts?
a question mark was asked for

funny that

by whom was the question mark asked for
won;t put one itt is both statement abstracted thought semiologically imperect stand alone text waiting for purpose meaning or identity is it refusing am i
in its ignorance to comly with an unesecary convention?
there i have put one to satisfy the stream that wanted to carry a pebble to the further shore of the imainary paper of this scrolling endless beingness yet tis not endless i am out for a jog whilst there is mind to jog with and trainers on my fingers to race about the keys pebels neath my fingers raised with capital letters on whilst the text coming out is lower case insosnsitently oh weel never mind

is thought

we are all minding all og the time

i can mind my mind some of the time but cannot mind all your minds all of the time

do i mind

woud you like your question marking?

there is a prayer walk today
and the birthday boy's exhibition came down
the show was an answer to my prayers
my birthday exhibition was provived by god through the kindness of sue with the encouragement and kindness of margi and the streams of associative carings flowed in such a lovely way sorry i forgt those who arenot on facebnook dave and viv oh lord that we shall have that big party when jesus invites us into a street beach field perhaps our prayer walk today  i will having run out of tea and musli go and text sandra in case she might like to go on the prayer walk she can enjoy lots of kindly chrisitan souls dancing ina forward stream together through the street oh to know how to play piano be a band i will play bass with kath n others on sunday eveing oh i was so pleased when ex students polly n kathy opened the moose at oxton wish i had seen it when they bought is now they have split up and my interiors teaching at southpaorthas run its course and the water is spread out as friends have evaporated but not without watering the plant that is jimmy

thank you for memories of the arts n crafts sign dave and i wrote and babs the owner yes yet another barbara

oh the flute in this debussy piece has not idea how beautifual its identuity and the player even the composer did not really know the bird in my heart that flies when i listen


do i write to me
to you
tO you lord \god
to furture girlfriend to kindly companions like my old printmaker friend arthur or to arthur the technician who made the canvas and the plaster moulds that formed my first class honours degree
i had a large floor and rolls of linene and i batiked a theatre set with goerge grosz cartoon once rob was 2 i was was litening to john martinwho was still intact and perhaps living in a barge in chester and some friends of my were young and laddish and partied there oh to be so momentayily important
it was a fab party my sixteeth thank you god said in the voice of the welsh commedian who just saw julia roberts in the bath will i ever see julia roberts in the bath again i wonder lord god

this is not pornography

this is life

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