Friday, 30 March 2012

thank God

izzy pop sat at the back of the old book shop watching a fly hammering iteslf against the glass
the old bookseller was counting the tills takings and looking worried someone had been stealing books
mainly music books but also some books by ronald searle the illustrator's death had made them very popular grnada had shared a beautiful book about mrs mole and told her it was about his wife or for his wife.

she wondered can art heal?
for mrs mole the wife of the japanese prisoner of war st trinians artist 
had lived through cancer and had alos received lots of pictures from her husababnd

poor old grandad he longed for noteworthy love to find him but he said it had to be real not just a convenient friendship that inconvenienced her wahtever that meant he did not say

who was stealing the books someone who liked music perhaps the school music teacher miss brazendale or her son  

morning pages her grandad prompted so she picked up her netbook and opened her page she sometimes thought she would do waht garnada did and paste into facebook to get someone to read them but then that was just silly 
if they were prayers shouldn't they be private?

prayer walk tomorrow grandad said aloud to remind himself 
several churches would gather together to walk and grnada liked the idea of meeting kindly souls the ones who might see them walking together not the christians who were on stage

granda was funny both privat and yet needy of reassurance so he would take his cross to the watefont next good friday but the yoke part would be his latest birthdy painting entitled 'planks fo rht memory'

oh today i have been tired said jimtheartist to himself yesterday was a spectacular artists date and he had on the new shirt and trousers but no one noticed in blue moon were he worked as a professional dreamer
people would come in and he would decidely not interpret anything but the random chance thougths of the pen and the brush and the tired mind he carried almost everywhere he wouuh materialld simply ttrace the whole of the nonsense as it came to his rem that is read each movement or render excellent meaderings or rapidly excell meself or reach early muttering realx enough man romulus excats money rub elbows muppets 

oh the teddum of none genius to fall back on or even read extra material regret eating muffins regularly ensure marriage rex ex mex rible edible mabel monbblle  right enog

so sometimes io find the curser has wandered and even if what i said made sense then it would need pasting back together morning pages are not meant to be an essay nor anything just spontaneous writing to get me used to the notion of writing like scribble caused drawing i hope thinking will cause narrative lot palnning be blowed pro temp.....

today i got up at soemthing like 5 had a bath went to brookdale at 8 remeaured the mural walls 
chated to the caretaker who was a great listener seemed genuinely encouraging and lsitening 
it is now 6.30 today i have brought back tow oils from dee priced a single metial bed for 100 pounds and responded to some questions in the artist way oh aslo befor egoing to dee i ran hot water for the dishes and fogret all about them i am peaceful but tired beleieve i did soemthing brave going to southport and am glad to have a new pair of shirts and a trouser

i stitche my colourful cross on my old christian grey jacket that i feel almost invisible in a n ice feeling almost invisible ingocnito sort of thing dont ya no

the drawing for the muraslis going well though julian did not bring the hoped for pjhotos and so i have done well from those i have been given  and soem i took of st johnms church at frankby

i have trees and a japanese croll feel to match the small garedn it faces wiht hotei/putai the happy chinamen srt of empty scaj orintal santa ancient cool dude

yes like that i found phtos of rob and amy as st geaorse and the ladybit/star/bee

couldnt find the book with the arts n crafts sign do hope i find it i would love to include it too....

so then is that enough for the late in the day morning pages style blog i ask myself

i will see if any one uploaded anything and come back

Amy is in Madrid and has let me have some pics to join 
oh to be the adventurer like her i pray lord make me brave give me initiative insight and courage and continue to feed her skills with you love and blessings Amen

I will relax now justt wanted to do morning pages self companionship a dn a simple act of reflection i feel julia cameron has produced a kindly model
i have seven magazines and will look see what she said about further collage

jimmy rae has kindly offered to show me some piano riffs and my neighbour has passed me what if god was one of us i used to teach grahm guitar he made quick progress ans the fingerpicking piece is rather lovely as is the theme of the pice thank you god and graham and jimmy and amy and dee and a lot of lovely souls who make life full

this morning in brookdale i reminded myself of my little boy and girl and my collecting these tiny souls from these tiny chirsa and arty rooms the school is lovely amen

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