Sunday, 25 March 2012

it ain't necessarily so

drifting into wakefulness
little aches
springtime in Paris
song titles and half hoped for songs from mum n dad's world
forever young i sort of am
back together  through feelings reality a child with a goodly dad
whilst hurt alone and un understood miss missing someone thing friends sense of worth wothiness belonging
bb longing honer dew due any moment the post a letter a phonecall a tear in someone's eye a relevance to someone's heart o write a new song heart beat prayer for me pleas jesu friend i feel must be real as enough people have spoken to me about you witnesses but you are no longer in the dock nor the pulpit accused you are out there on a mountain a cumulous nimbus sky from my daydream class room window and all these people i miss are yet to meet and i ask an old friend to pull me up to heaven so i might arrive on the st ives morning a saint in the tate the sugar of alfred wallis hepworth and children with immortality for me to seek in books shops cobbled streets n pasties rosie noteworthy hopes are leaving my heart like a cardboard box on the sand as a butterfly leaves the crysalis
yet i believe you are listening to some refrain from the song of me
similar empathy
like one of these me s
if i will write everyday and not really know you as f i had the bravery the money the wit the usefulness
willingness to work as play escaping the self employment or employment of imaginining i go to work rather that i am invited included shown ho to arrive and gather up some bits of world rearrange them into meals or letters of albums snaps of the day take part play

so in the story i am elsewhere getting to know people a breeze is blowing and it is my life breath in me blood flowing river of motivated saying hello watching listening caring being unstinging the sting the doc leaf the scratched knee mum and dad and you and me this holy day holiday film script being agfain

still unfolding original unique origami the sounds of the rippling words that must find shelves or mouths to speak our self aware chorus of mutual ocaens of hellos stones pebbles each of us it is still early anything can and will happen we are all privately investigating and joining with a few others over tea or news papers to review 'is this how you feel it is?'

'should be?'
;should be bettter we al agree and smile and order breafast i am glad i arrived mow where di i put the key
yale or sea

what oh you want to play?

swim in the mix if thats alright
don't you want to write one of your own
will you let me?
well we have to keep these others entertained
don't they want to join in
they will be they love to listen and without them we are silent
though others jsut want to stay in chorus of business and not lend an ear let us find somewhere quieter to make harmonies so that noticably clearer sincerer songs and structures of klee like rtree forms gardens of thought might be mutually understood and enjoyed not endured

rest awhile with me i came here to hear you to hear you and to heal to kneel to pray for to and with gratitude the love that pours from heaven above amen

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