Sunday, 18 March 2012

planks for the memories

in church i rememebered at the lavoire in loire valley i found a place to rip mu written prayer into the river
on screen projected in church a deer panting for the water in the lavoire the next day deer footprints
in the church the invitation to plant and water some seeds then last night caroline's card had seeds to plant in the papewr for me to rip up her card and thus plants the seeds in me once i had radiocative seeds to burn out a cancer in the altar brian had placed planks leading into the sanctuary of the rip veil croos and out again the day before my birthday ihad commenced planks for the memories with lots of little crosses and me walking th plank do not ever imagine that there is no god it is abit like doudting your own breath there is as my friend doctor franck pointed out nothing but god he sold the filed and he left the ninety nine to find and plant that very breath thought seed in the companionship bread of your very being ame

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