Friday, 17 February 2012

do with it as he please

a number of threads of thought are being run in parallel by
the programming of my self talk mind
one thread is bob dylan's song from the dvd at george's
man thinks cause he rules the world he can do with it as he please and if things don't change soon he willman is opposed to fair play he wants it all and he wants it his way and there's a woman on my block who justs sits there......says whose gonnna take away his license to kill

another thread is the impossibilitity of none associative even deliberate none associative streams of consciousness and a further thread appeared whilst typing that to link it asnlike in to a stain i.e. imagine a river or a fruit smoothy before we liquidise od tsunami to make paper mache of mixed juice or remove the aspartome imagine a single berry dissolving a little like a vitamin c tablet effervescent it will rreach out contaminate sweeten affet and be effective in its nature and flavour by proximity yeast in the bread fly in the ountment

example a series of none linked words i will then associate backgammon finches runny nose the fan in this laptop the weights on the ground the kettle boiling gust of wind need hanky all linked aurally or visually then now let me look at them for poetic root weights on the ground gravity on the liquid in my nose hanky to wip ground to land on wind needing to find a place to go displaced like the steam in the kettle backgammon peices with places to go exchanged displaced by will or necessity of motivated mind to win make a way through finches and peieces exchanging pereches to land on a dremain awhile fanin laptop lap top a gravitational perch for a bof of thought cooled like the kettle as the electricity pours through warming water and my knee

time now to make the tea time amoment ago to find kitchen roll to blow my nose the wind blows like my nose

waht other threads were there as finched sound like polystyrene rubbed on glass years ago by a child fascintaed by this light new packaging that breaks into white bubble rather than inviting burtins of bubble wrap it can be bruise and squeezed but only so far melted etched by hot wire cut sandwiched as lining for insulatation and warmth neath the wall paper put as tiles on ceilings

time for redbush of chai/

disspaointed to find the large metal flask i bought like arthurs does not have a good seal and cools down quickly i got it because one with a glass bubble in its vacuum broke when i put my bag down too swiftly on a n artist date at a swimming pool in chester .Linghams are being put forward for indeepndent bookseller of the year
and the mural is there in their attempt i can see the bookshop owners face i spoke with her about the morning pages of the arttists way i said a book you do rather than just read look i sad the third time i have signed a ciontract with myself to do this work and i do beleieve it is a christian evanglidt tool that i can agree with none churchy yet endorsing a faith in an abundant and loving god not sure many would agree with the virtur trap but not many would agree with jesus healing on a sunday nor the company he kept nor the attack on the righteous self  this is out there doing least of one of these samaritan work bringing people to anawareness of their childhoodness and their creative playfulness a healing thing indeed we are waiting by the pool afraid of being kicked if we choose to reach for the water of psalm one and share it with more incognito ness least of one of these widows miteness power(?)

assoiative genius cynicism and sin
the contents of my fridge
a smal boile egg cosy three onions sit in the tray on the worksurface i handg up the washing and as i pull the pully i see that the rope is waring i think of  a boring sermon boring into my cnacer and canker and burrowing and borrowing foudation for its self rightoeus condemnatio an ego in the altar trying to help mine free it before it is too lat and holiness wins when morrissy would rather be famous

back in the kitchen in my fridge or hanging with the wet clothes on the two pegagsus clothes horse pantomine clothes horse two horse race in the fridge there is now let me see some semi skimmed milk time to slurp my teas oh and how did that sponge get there on the table beside me must have inadvertantly sucked it into a fold somehow and dropped it by accident still with soft orange spanges there are no breakages slurp of tea kep wamrm oby raditor it is twenty past seven i measure the time bu t.s.elliot is that the dancer no not the film but the book you didn't nod your head bang the gong of the diminshing dot of old lacka nd white t.v in sits closeable night night mr telly box yet window dresseres facade the whole of the back of siad box allows the dust to form ancientness of mum and day and bobby the budgy skin fur anf feather cell yet liooks like an old cave all grey and like a mist of self formed felt maganetically pulled to valves and busy junctions of early electric genies of the glass bottle arthur askey what els is in the fridge on hyes
well in this old fashionesd sty;le a jar of cherries and a d mine and davis and budg
summer fruit pudding what are the sounds in the kitchen i go investigat still habvene twnejoyed a slupr of tea here goes

some thin turkey ham the kitchen is dark and dirty and i have the hot water on as i want to do me dishes
and have had to get thing sou tof the sink somethe water can get in hehe that was potentially funny smiles to slef inside a gentlter tiredness i quite like i am going to another dancing workshop word that looks like worshipo and i hope i will dance for the lord too amen what next some wonderful thick socks for walkin will i not walk today?

wind and sniffles suggest not but that isn't a definite no gong goes off but i deliberately wanted it too get bak inside the fridge well there is a carton sydney carton better tt to have loved and lost thing that i have never doen than samuel beckets waiting to help rescure as resitance movent on a fat book cobver fiull of fold beckets face io lost soemtone the other day by associating rome wwith golden calf oh well judhgmenentaism and one flock and john 10 16 and 17 floew with peacock smugness that the holy spirit has blown the wihsitle on previousluin my conscience not without sin first stone plank in eye eddi izzard rescue of don't ever tell that joke again aaaah

what els is in the fridge asummer fruit pussdding hence dirty pan to wash also has a lining of flour as i had measured out too mucjh crumbel so mornignpages editorial coaching thouts back to fridge this is becoming a multi thread more than two horse pantominme clothes horse think of the millions images of the donkey with wheels and holsters of millenium money

there is in the fridge a casserole dish with a rhubarb crumble i remember mum's rhubarb bing drawn like fames to newspaper hiddden partlluy from the light like loft space beneath the bed mushroom and adark room negative in an old holy bucket rust buket glumbucket bebeath the snow with all thise stick of sowr unfolding sweetness farmyar kitchen joy of cumbrian lasses with their kitchen ways hearths and farming weffort feeding

back to the fridge then lott
s of littl jars of onluy jsut started jam from scones atr linghams potetial ink bottle
i musty make a jam rolly poly pudding

wel that will do for the mornign pages waht was acheived did i mine muy inermost writing skills did i  didi i become unblocked like an ancient school room belfast sink after an art lesson cooking lesson interiro design dream looking a out at a hugh fearnlye wiitenstall gardenno answer dont kno cannot bear to teach waht i do not know myself said samuel old samuel becket with crinky face and stumbling tape recoder two naughty boys hear themselves gigle at age eighty or so  aahhh no arthur at leverhumles old gaff my he should throuw soem of that stuff of his away o

want it all and he wants it his way

in the car
waht is in the fridge that i have forgotten abou t i will go dsee

3 cartons of various soup
exotic fruit drink
squirty cream

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