Wednesday, 15 February 2012


or rather yesterday i accomplished quite a lot of what i set out to do
i managed to clear two desk tops and rearrange a computer so i could
write and see screen without effort

i managed to commence clearing the stairs so the piano can be
received from friends then a call from dee spoke of the article in wirral news so
i have been able to produce a poster and update the guest invites on facebook
and tonight i have rearranged this room for space and with a thought to the piano location the room looks roomier and tomorrow  i will continue clearing  the stair and the relocation of pictures and boards
also i have made a start to the gifts yet to discover paperwork

my friend invited me for a film but it was not in the take two still we enjoyed telly instead
i can hardly wait to revue the artists date and artist way morning pages let me have a glance at it now
for later
it is 2 a.m

i hope to go to London for an extended artists date i am looking at the William Penn club
as well as clearing the stair and taking things to the tip i will fill a bag with clothes and throw some out to the tip too

i went out dancing and i went to the pictures it felt wonderful and refreshing and at the week end i will go to a workshop and to Blair's party too

for self nurturing i bought a book for culture vultures and also one for gardeners and am making progress with gentle attempts at dance piano bass in the altar coaching paperwork goal setting and meeting clients and marketing too

i keep thinking izzy pop thoughts from within her curiosity or rather the projected idea of a young girl who long  to sleuth and is addicted to solving clues puzzles and crimes

i believe my friendship social life and even work can be in some way said to have grown in the wheel of life review and that i am learning to value myself properly i am starting to point out when i give someone a bargain
so that whilst i can look kindly on anothers limited budget i do not suggest a worth less than is my due to expect
i will budget for my time and necessary income to grow my skills and health and fitness for purpose this serves others and i msut have others realise its truth

Most of us never consider how powerful the creator really is. This is a direct quote encouragement and testimony for Julia Cameron and one of the reasons i feel this is more than a coaching secular book and more a holy channel for God's love and directive spirit for good. Amen

If i receive a gift beyond my imagining i must not send it back but share it out pay it forward encourage its currency and flow.

recovering a sense of possibility this is really what the reality/options part of the coaching is really about

God has an abundant supply of gifts yet to discover and for us to share Amen

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