Thursday, 23 February 2012


the images used below are collected from the internet to visualize some of the qualities prayers for my life inspired by Julia Cameron's invitation to ask for and hope for and visualize the desires of your heart to encourage those things into your life rather like exactly like the intention of the book the secret which froma christian point of view seems to concur with the lovely response by God to Jabez who like Oliver Twist says
Senor i would like some more-more of you that is amen

tasteful sufficiency
how i would like that
only enough

just the right thoughts
lovely amen 

leave it there?

i wish
just for now 
thank you God

Julia Cameron i feel helps me invites me to spend time simply being whichwas was the invitation of zen
not as God 
but of God
nothing but God
Life loving Life
or with a small L
my little life loved into being and feeling it to be so .

i fell asleep before the telly and now will look for a peice of music for matty to play from the stave
and stretch a piece of watercolour paper
Lord i do pray for what i need to do to make a lovely map a clear and cheerful one for the farm amen

plan for tomorrow
Pick up package at 7a.m inks
Walk with George 8.30

10.30 Dee fine arts work on background ground and roads of the map and photograph same

Meet Ali at 12

Matty 5

Walk at 8
Blog at 9
Dee at 10
lunch at 12
Jimmy Rae with Bass /harmonica at 4.

Then look to God again for the prayers for church in the morning.

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