Wednesday, 8 February 2012

other people

's happiness can make me happy
today i added a couple cat and two car
set of images to a friends's mural wall

the beginning to my day was very much simplifying the various buckets of paint tubes and bags of recycled mixing pots before setting off to do the job a very good idea preparing to only have what i needed a similar situation happened yesterday when one pen and a pencil were enough similarly the main method of designing a recent wine label was with a wipeable white board

less is more

but more walking is best so when i found myself setting off to visit Tom who may appear physically less is spiritually more and i pray Lord for the flow of Tom's blood and thank you for the tomato soup we shgared and the bananas i got from colin lunts and the cauliflower currently on the boil too..

i have loved my walk and the very encouraging reading i shared a little of with tom form the review of being happy by andrew mathews

it was good to share the grow model with gary and to talk to jan gail and anibel
about painting a bed and jan n gail's holiday in Australia .Jan looks well fab!

i feel positive i have had a couple of naughty eats today a danish padtry and a steak pasty but the walk
justifies this somewhat cool!

i enjoyed joni mitchell found myself singing to the walkman with the pink headphones i had found in a puddle beneath my green brighton hat

today i uploaded a sort of valentine add on facebook as well as blair's mural edits

i am doing my morning pages at 8 p.m having enjoyes a latte with marsh mallows in slinky's
where i recalled antoine st exuperies little prince who paints the world he lives in and realise that has been both god's blessing to me and part of the invitation of the secret and of being happy by andrew matthews

i will have my cauliflower and then see what else i can recall from my walking artists date as it were. cool

other simple thrills of the day are my sustained walk and this that i read in theword for today

contentment: realising God has already provided everything we need for our present happiness

only Christ's perspective can replace resentment with rejoicing.Jesus is the central piece of suffering's puzzle
If we fit him into place the rest begins to make sense

when life brings us to our knees
grace says there's more love than...all that stuff

indomitable gift with power to change
like any gift one condition
we have to reach out and claim it

i read in the being happy about
our subconscious never stops doing what we trained it to
so we have to put a new pattern in place that kicks in before an old trigger can

i invited gary to call me so i could launch my minimal bass playing out there
he suggested we could do open mike at the ridger on tuesday evenings so
i will place that in my prayers and do it i feel amen

the other half of the cauliflower is calling

today i did not play piano nor did i do any work on my izzy pop detective story but i did put money in the bank as i did yesterday so the wheel of my life has had a walk some work work visiting a friend some healthy food some play time and some fellowship exercise stimulation form the coast trees slinkys i have been stocking the pond as julia cameron suggested  i have had variety and joy and aloneness and companionship and it is only wednesday tomorrrow i book in with morning pages artists way and realise i can go again to sporry teashop and think izzy pop thoughts cool! i can wera again my little pink headphones and choose some music perhaps affirmations may still be stored on a disc?

i feel happy that will do for today a bit of telly and my cauliflower i think amen

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