Saturday, 25 February 2012

returning things to their functionality

seiving ourselves for the gold we have and then sharing it
some of it is for my own benefit true
i am meant to be grateful
i should be grateful
i am
the negative should and could of virtue trap thinking
yet the opposite is the grumbling never to be realised
always to be less than
not good enough
not okay
disatisfied yes
for me
i is the centre of sin
i am is god's name
creative recreation
the small net book had an inbuilt critic called composition editor
as soon as i write about it it has dissappeared seems it was just a matter of my not looking at the screen
in the background i use an old dirty apple mac to play a copied c.c of mile davies almost blue
and ai seive myself for gold
i shared or sought to share with simon the quadrant of chucking awayness
it is a four spoke wheeel not tntirely the oppposite of the grow model with its goals reality options and way forward
 it is immeditaely deal with by phone action or dynamic use
file for future use
forward or throw away as fertiliser or fuel lord helpt me turn both of these into prayers then my we find your core values from the wealth of bible all things that are lovley like the fruit of the spirit forgiveness and corinthians

may we set oureslves your heavenly goal and involve ourselves in john 10.16 and john 17
may we look at the reality with positive encouragement removing obstacles with mustrad seeds planted strategfically to rid mountailns of dounbt and self criticism may we use the option of passing on burninging the dross as fuel sharing th insght adn acting immediately on the holy spirits encouragements to encourage and feul others may we then find the way forward to the heavenly goals core vlues of hope planted watered and given away as it flows into us may we share it and with grateful hearts be healed in your purposefulness

i have befor eme aa silhouete embossed of tintin and the face of titin tin in a goure shadow embossed the wrods exotic    ordinary are enigman=tically album sleeved for meditation of imaginary contents the course i worked on included the students own envisioned metamorphosis of two emotionally charged objects whilst i felt myself get thrown away burnedt up or was it forwarde or was it planted mustard seed out there i felt hope ful it was you have me walk the plank to walk on the exciting nwater of the unknowon the college had just been a temptorary container of the life spirit thaty i found ways of encouraging and sharing whilst there exemplified by the titin tin books and books about herge i got tht ecollege to buy in

frederick franck to me was a roveing faithfilled detective reporter no wonder simenon and r.h blythe appealed to him and zen that reconciles even repusiates exoticness and celebrated insteade the disregarded ordinary that is exotic and profound

seiving then to reuses or provide purpose for those things not passed on i have a tape recorder and have taken its fat batteries out i will i beleieve find it a lead and plug it into the mains and then i will add its microphone speak affirmations recorda and transfer the recording a symphony for the seneses is how i viewded the fiorst parkgate article and the synaesthesia was my degree seed it was there i beleive in the theatre zen discovery dissertation that reconciled the seeming opposites of east and west a defintion of how far our sin has been removed from us amen

unused things well the piano in keith cath and matts garage i look forward to getting here theses pictures get to go to dee they were never meant to be nesty lining materials and my son is right the money would be better than the hoarding money does have currency it does fow outward and inward too i just have to keep taking part

keep yoiur lampp alive and ypou lord gof
d will he;lp it to be seen

no not you reader we me and you are part of the demonstration of gods love but no i do not believe that god is just a big man

muck too rpofound that that what of the hind quarters whisper quote and like me quotes of the binle ?

well my heart tells me that god is like all his creation personalised anthropo,orphically because our egocentric human viewpoint has didfficulty thinking outside narrow defintions and as man has been placed highest in his own opinion then we end up with our limited and limiting perception of a man made world a big man who made it all no god knew he needed tp crate a mirro we would like rather than being totlally out of reach he became man in jesus and within us a altruistic flow helps us to know a little of his love that is creative and beyouynondth evolution model because mr dawnikns child that you are the linear model denies the simultaneity and maniness and already existent sucheness all your bangs and metamorphosis add up to are at most witness to all already being in place to change and there for not a theory of their creation jsut an acknowledgement of continues trasformation from and alwsyas was existent....

have i found any gold i have found that i am myself a seive and a source of flow fed by food and thought hopes dreams music books

one on the dek tope is you can

write a song

a book for which i have a cassettes woopee if i can find the leade to plug in for this old cassette player i can listen to the cassette and read the book

this bedroom is also a room recycled it was not used and so the two goldfish now have light company and l a little more of company mine and me theirs amen
i will clean them and look after them better too i feel it coming i feel hope and home and song and storywrting stirring my son has curt a music album with tribut to norberg so i have a grand daughter and a son who gives birth to creative ideas born from teamwork and flowing into the stream and swimming with a bass guitar tuned in c how cool it feel and grateul thank you god
he cur out a row of giraffes once so briliantly like a row of people and then unfolded the sheet he makes intuitive leaps beyond mine i embrced the gift by adding smiles amen
i have them photgraphed i really should refotograf and send amen

oh well it may need to be replacement batteries perhaps rechargable ones for the old friend cassette player as i note thst the lead is not maongst the many to be found hoes for oh well

next move is to ask sandy the phonenumber of the removla men as i desire the presence of the piano which like this laptop my enable me to play piano as i still pray thios netbook will help me to do assignement 8

i recall that saved on her already is a first draft that most certainly needs work to get it to 1500 words and have a surprise ending it has core values

a bookshop owner and the survival of independent bookshpops within the kindle and  amazon markety place oh for places like cheshire oaks and borders to exist where the seeming secular enables people to share the shores of undertasning with each other and the flow of craetivity to have sapces for sharing th music of god
s diverse authorship and family love. of mankingd th bigger church of being alive to each other wondrfully hopefully like on e big allotment of outdoor cathedral and bauhuas inclusivity awhere form gives birth to home with self assembly dreams of reeshaped use and transformings of minds and hearts sharing caring pouring through irrigatetd by creative plausibility possibility word streams in books cafes food music and giving

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