Sunday, 5 February 2012


musical big one to do
1.  grade 1 piano
agreed with leslie after ted's lovely sermon on teamwork and prayer
are the tune andante left right then together watch timing in left hand
2.c major scale both hands at same time
3 minor harmonic both hands at same time
4 broken chord in c both hands

i am currently waiting for rac man
he will either call before 4.30 ofr after 8
David is coming 8.30 to swap jessicas bike back with amys

Rob and Sooz called and i njoyed my izzy pop
we met suzanne and andrew and john in char

have given them print of llanberis stone hilbre print
lillies canvas and a snail etching they liked

they are getting me something for my birthday that is super duper

i have just read a lovly childrens book claude in the city very lovely funny sweet and cool amen

whilst i played bass in church the minimal nature of it made me feel a bit sad
hope i get better at minimal bass
i enjoyed the melody scale and broken chord routing more oh well just a feeling not too awfaul
just keep turning up and praying so want the world to be more cheerful
have to start with me and no point in lecturing

Lord God i did not go for prayer today but as public as this blogging is and isn't i know you are bigger and smarter and more giving thatn i can ever imagine so i will keep endeavouring to change

bob said i should have an exhibition and halve the prices i imagine each picture to be worth and i would enjoy the money that i need more than the pictures so then let that become a realised goal amen

today i had hoped to go for a walk to fight the 6 lbs overweight that has in truth upset me

what to do while i wait for the rac to come mmmmmm

i will do word for today daily bread and the old way of being with you lord please help me amen

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