Saturday, 18 February 2012

two hands

ambidextrous thoughts assocaited with little red vintage window
we decide to feminise the image more so a man pouring wine was relaced by cu n paste rosei noteworthy playing a violin
then in way back form this double framed double image on bathroom wall thinking i sawa pink highlight pen i looked and fourn some coloured bals like a postcard balancing act image by ronal searle thes ball mafde me think of simon jigggling int he altar juggling for a moment and when we can then we seem to stop but do we return violin and bow
bottle and glass
 juggling balls one in air
piano practice comeing up sonn
weaving two thread interlacing can i do two things at once i have two hands and yes i can drive which is gesltat of parts in concert so yes

back to morning pages via week 5 check in and yet here beside me first if daily bread

just dessert nahum

worship the lord who balances justice and mercy

the world is the lord's and the earth should quake

from the golden years entry of the word for today
keep your torch burning and pass it on to the next runner before you go
Lord i pray something good will come from these morning pages and the gifts yet to discover course simon is helping me with amen

for getting me up early
motivating to
me to wash the dishes and think of cleaning soon the kitchen floor and staircase
for the new initiative to sustain and continue to learn to dance
and for the Dyson in readiness
oh the wind is howling outside and i did not go for a walk the rain
just dashed a wave on the window and the warm space and newly
 washed dishes and cooker surface
the sound of car tires through water
the warm laptop and awaiting keyboard and two hand c major
with melody finger via simon using the one big two hand chord

artist way 5
go to dee earlier as going to leave to dance so only a few minutes on piano but good minutes with meaning and hope n joy and visualizing me playing joyfully in a composers stream of thought

The virtue trap
a virtue out of deprivation
faux spirituality
the creative God made child in us
no longer trusts us
 our dutiful piety has
lost us ou soul

suffer little children to come to me
like on of these be

Ten thing i love to do
1.go drawing seeing being writing
2.reading childrens books and all books
.3 listening to a new album and reading the lyrics
4.swimming in a warm pool drawing/making things paper clay prottery theatre sets
6 writing a set of songs and playing them learning them owning them sharing them
7.learning to dance
8. holiday/flowers
9 girl friend
10 a new home?

a wish list with big goal dreams

1. a home abroad sunny
coastal big canvses abstract yet
wandering big ink drawings

2.acting in a rom com

3.double bass playing and violin like chagall and stefan grapelli and yehudi

4 big white grand piano

5.beautiufl girl friend or beautiful to my soul

6.Books of drawings journal my own publishing company

7secular out there creative christianity with music dance and drawing

8 Travel journals but with intimate getting in the place village caring minded writing faces of young and old real Paris Assisi perhaps Rome Naples oh just somewhere wonderful and full of God's plant people terrain handiwork  Zen of seeing meet back roads of california ...where is that book?Earl Thollander  found it

9 a garden with wonderful trees and grasses and the girl and i that God has made free and loved and in a warm breeze of God's breath amen

10.St Ives home with deeper awareness still of bernard leach oh and various kilns and spaces have music live music gifted and endouraged players and wine and eating outside and my family at play writing theri songs pleasing my heart with gods love and me a writer who lisetens and paints it all with wonderfuilled words of pleasure shared amen

12 no a lottery win but stream of provision flowing through and beyond into around away and to joyfull goodness healing for all amen

13.for all those that i care for john layton norma everyone stev whitby phil everyone to turn up for my 60th birthday and for me toplay bass guitar with bobby too amen oh

I think the morning pages promote honest to god out there in there elswehere hopewhereness amen

five adventures if i were twenty and had money

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