Friday, 10 February 2012

won an award today and booked 60th birthday party/exhibition too

It is now the 10th February and as Linghams do not have wifi I am doing my morning pages at1.20 p.m
It is a Friday.I realised when talking to my friends Jimmy Rae last night that to try to spell and grammar more actively would be useful to any one reading this. The morning pages brief is not to look back. But I am wanting also to develop my writing skills as a goal for my course and so a little more attention I hope.
Yesterday my friend David large called a couple of times to no avail to pay me for the wine label art.
And his charming daughter played some lovely pieces on my keyboard. When Jim phoned me to
To invite me the open mike at Koi. It was a great chance to catch up and share.he had sent text message from a new phoe whose format had not got through to me so i pulled back to read them as I had not my glasses.Some sales of mersy Moon prints and his kind reference to a couple of galleries –one in London.
I had started with a latte. We went on to drink Becks from the bottle and did a couple of songs at Acoline England invitation. Flowed well. Caroline’s voice is strong.Torch ballads. River deep and mountain high and big spender guitar then backing track.We chatted cheerfully about bolt hole in wild locations and I introduced the idea of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way both picked up on it. I feel such coaching and inspiration is flowing in 2012 .We will see.This is my third time with the book as a course of review and change and I am now on the 4th week’s reading fast.

Talking about fasting.I was doing well today raspberry jelly with bananas and sultanas followed by weightwatchers bread with morrisons spicy butternut squash soup.however i had asked linghams to keep the gsteak and guiness pie and so asked them for same when i remembered .As  a concession to my diet i left some of the crust.It was delicious with sald and chips.Oh well just have to be good fo the rest of the day.

The guitar lesson tonight has some nice simple fingerings for classic satve bassed tunes that i managed to scan and print after my morning walk with George.We watched a Dylan bootleg dvd and it was a life review .I loved One more cup of coffee for the road with Dylan’s Mexican day of the dead style make up.
Thank God for George we share the same taste in music film and literature.Last night i mentioned Joni Mitchell’s Blue album which i feel to be the best set of songs ever put on an album perhaps tapestry by Carol King ...

Any way I am back working on my Barcelona picture and margi has been putting a press releasew together for the gallery about my 30 year relationship with the gallery.\She photographed me and so i put the scarf coat and hat out of the way to look warmer on this cold February day.
My Isobel Poppy detective story is making progress as is my piano as i seek to balance the wheel of concurrent effort and activity and include spirit work play social life and service.i will be playing minial bass again on Sunday morning.Going for piano lesson and trial coaching with Simon on Monday.
Matty’s mum n keith said they may give me their piano which will be real serendipity.i am going to give Matty a simple nylon guitar painted with piano key white and black neck.
It has a twin at babs who i saw in one is called up because of the cartoon film that was out when we shared a few guitar/piano lessons together.

I have the objective of removing excess form the flat and becoming minimal and sparse for change and blessings to flow. Bin sacks.My fast from reading means i am able to attend to chucking out piano practise coaching for change and serendity God incidence invitations. I testified to the God incidences
Last night speaking of the cancer the seeds and the sugeon.

I am thinking that whilst three pages of long hand constitute morning pages that this small type is probably quivalent to twice that so i will double space to see if that is it for today?
I have a little more to go.
Well the white boards i used for lesson and wine label are now Velcro fixed for flexible use to my lounge interior doors.I want to have an easily altered surface for the izzy pop story planning and for my mind mapping of the writing course notes
The new chapter of the artists way has me on a reading fast yet has challencges for me .i have not brought the book but she writes so encouragingly and i was testifying to Goerge of this seeming secular book like Andrew Matthews being happy as being the most provocatively spiritual god including boks that i have read .Max Lucado and John Ortberg are clearly ministers but these lay folk to me are very of the Holy spirit.
So it is the end of my luchtime and the reverie of the guiness and steak are a glowing hearth in me against the extreme chill of the day.And no the freedom needed to write these pages does require none edit and enjoyable uninhibited free that is just the way it is.

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