Friday, 24 February 2012


so what to write?
just ate the last of my Chinese leaves
that i cook with onions yoghurt and emmenthal
i put cubed arrote and turnip with it and added tabasco
at lunchtime i had curried parsnip soup followed by a pale maple and sultans  pastry
at linghams it was jolly nice
the other things i have eaten today includes a gold bar at kath keith and matty's house
also some muesli and also some wiegthwatchers bread with oxe

the day satred with my collecting inks around 7 a.m for the hoylake
then my coastal wlk with george and we walked down a lovely dirt
track in a clockwise walk today to avoid having our backs to the traffic much safer
we finished this with a good helping of bootleg style dylan fragments for the white face period
sara and the like our conversation had been about street legal and desire and pat garret overlaps of styling

my work at dee has been fscinating as i juggle with the weeks fishing for photos and doodles and aerial sanps of the coastal farm i am mapping really enjoying get my teeth into the project hope to do a wonderful job
sue has invited me to bring in paintings for the show and also helped me to see the balck line core mountboard is really the best to use

i see on facebook my son who is bassist to the band tribute to norberg has cut an album with them how groovy is that?

tomorrow i will deliver my pictures to dee
and meet jimmy rae to play bass and harmonica new things for 2012 amen

these are my morning pages a little late perhaps as it is now 8 p.m.
george asked if my writing was going well
the flat is feeling cleaner and the morning pages are proceeding and i hope to do some piano practice so my goals are still trying to live up tto the beleief that there are gifts yet to discover

i have certainly enjoyed learning new things from simon and tonight at matty's i saw the piano and now have to phone up a removal firm to get the piano delivered.But no to georges question my writing detective stories and my assignment 8 has not been accomplished as yet .Oh but i am saying the churches prayers on sunday morning and went through some ideas with george this morning

poverty week and so that gets me a list from dave hedges to work with and seek a blessing upon
i long to lift others spirits and my own i have started a dream file i will go and get it and look to juia cameron for suggestions of what to review for these pages
this week the best thing i did was to roll a piece of paper on the floor of the shop at church farm and measure the joh at upton on chester urc

although you know encouraging matty's guitar skills also i feel deserves a mention i really believe he will play very weel as he has started so young also thinking about it the family at heswall i teach painting to is coming on great too
rosy and billy carried on colouring th dress of the measured figure darwing and i am pleased with all of them

endeavours sustained prayers encouragements and hopes and watering of dream seeds i loved listening to dylan at georges this mornign
i thank god for such a hard working stream of consciousness role model

both george and dylan george because he encourages listens sympathises and sustains his endeavours waliking and alpha a and caring as a neighbour and speaking well of others and dylan because he allows change and gets stuck in to the adventure of thiniking singing writing

i said to g that his words are his made instrument and he put me write he uses his voice this is not porty fot the page these are words as music to be imaginatively and differntly plucked and veven changed .

i shared with goerge all kinds of thing s ed kind fixing of the camera problem helping me to get the images i needed for the camera on to the computer and also how i felt i was realing in cha not well i fear thinking tueday a.m may not be for me moody was one word needing deflating another and my own feearing garbage in  garbage out was a serious problem if i believed my cruel thoughtsa pertaining to the grey winter of newspaper headlines

such colour coding also affected my choosing to agree with sue about the mount for the barceloan print

don't do really big prints i agree and the mount to be grighter more cheerfuil but with the defining black core we chose a wood that is lighter chose against black we need to lift peoples spirits

again if you are reading this page it may be worth advising that it will fill up with erros as it gets poured down unedited as an act of uyninhibetes stream of currency like breathing heart pumping thoufghts are flowing currency is meant to just flow so what will the prayers contain well that idea we are meant to be a n outpouriong of the holy spirit of life itself pouring out sharing gigiving what we have to give our cracked self that is how the light gets both in and out too. not so much for others to read ads much as for me to play the tuen of honest activity of being julia advised not only the dream or hope folder but alos to record every penny i sepedn did i write down the pertol no that was yesterday today i recorded what i spent at linghams

it is nice to be without tv without ...
i read a bit more of the shadow of the wind today
it printed out some images for the map

the map is loking interssting a little janet ahlberg i am finding rooting for memory offers more elasticity to the image that copying weither my drawing or a photograph

i am very inspire by the stone soup illutartions for the bedside story book

ali not well no meeting hope she is alright

looking around the flat i am pleased with the world around me freindly to my eyes and heart i love the image i drew with babecue skewers on the floor of the farm shop the chi=unky tanbe ;e with tis daidy oil cloth and the many bowls of olives the stove int he corner and th bottle of wine i love it it is a cool place i managed toadya to do athe church bottom left and am going to put the pub top left like the church mural inclusiveness lets people know how it all fits together i a am a community artist and idea that simon titled good

hopehe is alright too.

i pray for tommy my old friend jeans husband she is gone like allan mackie god has been so wonderful to me i have known some lovely peopl margie beedles called into tdee today and how i rememeber brian building my earlier studio when i was a young dad

oh today sue spoke of the new gallery name being on the new stationary she just needs to get the signs it woill be the blue moon galleyr and ai love that my 60th coincides witht the serendityt of godincidental transformation

someone spoke of how the barcelona image had rised her spirits today nmow isn't that what i have been praying for yes it is amen and thankyou gdi=od we acn only pay forward the crurrency of gifts pouring through our hearts for his abaundance hallelehjuhaha

i want to do this activity


i founf thes fragemetns about floating and graphical but they have jsut arised by accident of typing without watching the screen that will do for this random mind map of hopefulness

amen for now

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