Monday, 27 February 2012

feast famine or fast

saint sinner or simple soul
i wake each day
with the company of thoughts
lists arises from the presence of whatever my eyes alight upon
tools for the trade passing of time
what am i to do?
is there a supposed to be doing for me in particular?
should i have chosen a different branch to grow when young?
would God have blessed that choice more?
am i descerning your will?
thy will be done?
you are not dead but alive
i choose to beleive positive things
if as i do have a friend who reads the daily mail
and if i receive a gift of a morrisy or rather a smiths's album
should i spend time with the secondary smoke of gloom that comes from this routine this branch
this choice they have made and enjoyed feeding of
for years

my recent thought has been a question compassionate as poirot my put the order of the words
can i imagine a jesus who reads the daily mail and listens to morrrissey

well oof courxe i must for he spent time witht the negative but within the context and their humanity he loved them but did not leave them that way
what gives god the glory my loving my neighbour unconditionally
so what of virtue traps that julia cameron refers to asw she seeks to remove obstacles blocks to my gog given blessed creative playfulness
yet caring can be creative reflecting by lighting a similar smoky newsapaper writing misery in song or text is not joyful
so the secret is write a stream of health be an amigdala of the brains chemistry making hypothalmus
and send some water in among the mud
if the materila i am offerd is mud see how beautifu;l are th crank pigs in their minimalism you can form within there
i like mossissey i like having information that enables me to play yet
more good news are the parable seed to sow into it the
stone soup
the lighting and the music and the passing on of batons of good seeking to solve the mystery and bring about change of morse to lewsi of arkright to the to ronnies to porridge to only fools and horse to inspector frost
because positive things like posters of polar bears with their lovely silhouettes of fully grown to baby heads is enjoyable as is the subtle blue and gold when mixed equalss silver grey the day is dull outside is that because the daily mail wrote a bad page no it is just the part of god's colouring box

i have phtographed the cottage loaf pub so i can draw it on the church farm map as a recognisable point of orientation like the image of liverpool or the postcard of new york i look from the water side in towards the farm like a goose arriving or an armada from a long journey i arrive by air onto the land

i want to be a person after god's heart
yesterday's objects can be fixed
i superglued the head of the shepherd back on and put it on my semi permanent nativity scene and the golden satr got hung from a nail inside of from the giraffes neck
yes i had a samll wooden girafe chrsitmas present from amy
gift amonst the nativity here you ar jesus i think giraffes are gold and wonderful and worthy of a baby king
and you looked nice there any way now you are a little nearer to me on the newly paced desk
i have not needed to put the light on this mornign although dull it is lighter or did i just wake later/
is it the sign of a lonely man that my thought s become my companions and objects get reviewed
so then fixed or filed i file onto shelves amongst other things associatively or randomly yet that is still thoughtful there will be some cross referenced reason cross referenced no i would rather be resurrection referenced i am still asssociating daily mail with daily misery yet in truth i do n ot read enough newspapers to know it to be more fallable or culpible than the rest the others the choices yet i do klnow there is more cheer in the coloutr of travel mags comics and interior design books amen

i am hear an need a clock in here i will get my watch for i had a plan the other day and the intention or intentionality the suchness the ishness of looser made decisions i do hope these are a gentle conscience choosing to act
jane descerens that her lack of sleep is the prompting of the spirit to bring the children up as a whole church village activity i have to agree that as a child i am looking for that village that family unit to belong to a mum a dad or a maniness of them
do i feel i can create be part of help to become this family uncle dad child on a friday evening to help out become emersed be promtped she wisleyu notices that the gift may follow the stepping out and not the other way about act happy to be happy become church to be family i may yet find myself drawn in but will the holy spirit have nudged me change is what i yearn for practicing my piano for someone to be a heart of something to be connected to all that is good to write for little izzzy because i ma in tough with the child mind of hopeful playful village aspiration

propmpting of a chosen book the artists way is being kind is being joniemitchell girl friends of family ahlberg to me with these suggestions for week 6
p.s am putting a light on and some music and getting a nother cup of tea as others turn to newspapers i turn to these lord bless my friend john wh is addicted to the daily mail and cannot and does not want to ever live without it

is it imperative i get mu thought down before they flow /
proably not for they come from \god's provision like a f ield of cauliflowers

after the filed away comes the other quadrant the florwrding and whilst i switched my mobile on to get the
phonenumber of the removal men text messgaes have been received

pray for the richer churches and for Godly action to move in all our hearts for the poor of the world amen

thanks dave these are prayer week texts
i gothte phonenumber going to fix now by phoning the removal company about the piano 'easy to move'
thanks sandra

right it'l cost £150
for the piano move
i pray it'll go smoothly and i am excited about the getting it in the investment nd the playing and the practice the commitment and the hopefulness i have put light on will get my watch havbe fed the fish and have julias book straws of hope to cling to and act upon

i've put six peices of weightwacthers danish malted in the grill to toast and they fit to the millimetre making it a great toasting efficient visual for me almost better than having a toaster
alight ache in the middle of my lower back tells me i made the right choice when it comes to the piano move
the toast has jam from linghms on it
and the lunch will have lightly toasted corm beef sandwiches swayed that way by the eat a poor mans diet of grain

yesterday i made 7 microwave tubs of mung bean rice and a potato up in the slow cooker oh haw the grains swelled up and with a littl onion and lemon joice wowsers

it is quarte to 10 and i go to dee for half past

simon and i have completed our sessions i think but his knidnes has meant that i got to plan the gifts coaching and also enbaled me to lean his two hand one chord visual of the chords maths fro guitar style playing if the piano practice practice practice then  meaning that i will accept that i have morning paged soon
no walk today

julias suggestions are to do with money this week i am to record every penny in a notebook will record same wbhen i get to wed the 150 poiund for piano moving
i do not have to live my life all in one go at 60 you feel have another good 20 years i ptray it will be over one hundred and functional successful and god bestowed amen

counting is a  necessary prelude to learning creative luxury
says julia

self observation not flagellation she points out
her sermons are infused with such good seasoning

1 natural abundance find five pretty rocks
these will come from a coastal walk i note to myself now
carry in pockets feel them finger them as creative consciousness remindersd i know it sounds hippy dippy but i think it is cool and fits with stone soup thinking well

i just found godincidentally that this is a project in nottingham where izzy pop resides
also this logo of people workoing together is out there too

music hope and laughter cooll

2. natural abundance
5 flowers or leaves press them tiwxt grease proof paper
i wil and frame two i think and put them on the wall before me

3 clear five garments our -i will throw away or give it says so waht do i have i could give to philkip or perhaps to ned or marko

4 bake something well sort of did yeaterday but will do bread would be good

5 send five postcard i have some by lots of different people but an artist date would be good at the tate perhaps or the walker

6 reread the basic principle ok julia you are coming with me today to heswall
and the artist prayer daily so that is something to printout them

7 make new changes in your home i am going to move the printer and also insatll a piano cool

8 any new flow in your life
well dance class next saturday

9 prosperity changes in my finances yes have three projcts costing for presentlycrazy ideas i imagine myself doing? holiday in london also getting a lighter bicycle and bringing the attractive bike into the flat and haging it on the wall?

time for work

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