Tuesday, 21 February 2012

an old thought

por man/rich man just a man man kind kind man gentleman
man whois knid one of a kind whether moody logical
darwins fwkins performing monkey of superior intellect
intlligently designed christian? self programming robt of free will within the parameters of a wonderful mechanic who fills us with awe fro building with such associative soft fluid materials that Chriistan's become taoists accepting change as fro God's uploads

is man a machine
yes and no
is man a monkey
 no an yes

i'd forever talk to you bu soon my words would turn into a meaningless ring

perhaps as a child i would aspire to being mature definition not talking cheerfully but moreosely looking to a black box of ever more complicated words and trying to figre out the one word Holy bibke stood for black box with magical golld edge that turned mil white and had no pictures just the sleeping monster and darling of a dad who was moody grumpy wonderful knew erevything disspappointed me with what he proved not to knpow namely how that made me feel

yet poor me
specialness of illness
star or precious child forgives permits sin
oh Whitney i am patronising you
when i was inspired by the script you sang to
yet i illustrated a portrait of genius scientist's deterioration
in Doctor David Seedhouse's Practical medical ethic
wish he has used one of the illrutrations for the cover
but here's my judgemtn it would be less academic let the freindliness happen when the gold edge of the bibnle of clever thought open thes wards of chapters to the therapy of options of healing a paradigm set of choices sefl family group ofr society benefit whom and priveleges who the monkey or the robot or the man or the species or the empathised with inclusive ones of broad minded collective caring orchestraor whitney is still dead.we are still alive the daily mail and morrissey and a christian friends has let jobs comfortors in garabe in garbage out when asked whitney said the biggest monster was not a drug it was her
oh how can this be the conclusion only if she does not feel voveable adequte or loved we as the faith has told us from the jungle drums smoke screens and signals are to collectively forgive ourselves of sin throughthe loving scapegaoat sheep gods son

there are no answers until i have ploughed half of this filed the answers come by keep on keeeping on hope is in the furture contentments and contents all present and we are correct when focus oh take away the times when the stuff doesn't flow though yet trust and god's provision lies in you ed for being astute calm relaxed in the face of technology in you john similalrly yet my arrogance is to get the piano tuned and then to admit i only scribble and have only kept a mask on whilst i pretended to draw of play and perform when i rooted though a series of frequencies old papers dead and living libraries of long passedstill passing always present wonderful rooting for food to put onto the soul table and what if a memeber failed to find a referal or bring a succinct hookline on their three minutes of bni buried treasure that seat is worth jesus cruifixion be glad to know we accept you say the church of group ego yet each member is ready to criticise get up leave see a doctor find thea garbage in garbabge out applies to how they are currently perceiving the social progeamming they thought was love hoped was love longed to trust but we fed off a poisoned river and the virus is a super virus because we want perfection of compassionate reasonable ness don't say i am schiophrenic nor call me creative artistic autistic
arthritic arithmetic or multiply my adequacies inadequacies please just help me to be currrent fresh moving with the flow but unpoison me pathologise and correct the stream towards none stgantion flavour me with nopen ended hope and endless possitibitilies moody  now i am this now i am that the current of sleep now rem and now delpta out of it and now coming round and now adrenalised or caffeieined or sweet or sour the legs are walking me and the good habits healing my wholeness i step into the picture i paint and the picture i paint is surprising me with all it has learned by collaged both criticiseing and applauding beiong ionspired by refelcting rejecting respinning re weaving your various ways into a collective acceptanc oef something crucible crix and core of me transformed by st francis 's seek first the kingdom of understanding god is in them and in you/me same

whitneys lyric song choices like when the press points to moodiness or labels another having enjoyed the good song and hepled them to flow applauded them decides to do agreed upon judgement surgery she is defensive the songs are all if you listen aggressive and here she burst through and on drugs or not has a a go and gets angry proabably pushed by an off stage directos therapist r book tocarpe e deum seize the throat of at lest the momentary go down in history and in print airways let the mask and the role slip undefended by the damage controlling media friend manager freind originally exploiting the possibilities of wealth from this mokey performing robot programmabel talent no

just a girl standing before a public asking them to let her saty and to rearrange the way the timeline works so it goes ina dn comes out the way it one did it does it was just gods grace went unnoticed so yoiu noticed when the wind was not longer beneath your particual wings but final word goes not to anyone the currency is meant to flow conclusions are the the point you were in the river of the river nd still are though you spill into a small spiritual rock pool and wise as jesus allows you took yourself a prt from instead of dicsecting yourself and destroying an illusion of power publicly

leaning back from an essay that has wrtten itself so often to view the newing of the room

fan heater nice gently breezy sound and warm comes from neath the aquarianm of two large goldfish one is called sunshine the other wasa eithe shadrack me sahlk or abednigo  i forget which two have gone as have lots of little minnows that they ate

before me the wall is catholic with francis and calre leaning from this white french looking dek the taize adaopted francis like crucifix is slightly hidden inits large poster format only the halo inre a little of christ closed eyes and a resting angel in the space that says the king of the jes normally a photo of the tall part built white paper mache scupture that is in the loft above me intwo halves and painted in readiness fro the fruit of the spirit text must get out and ley become part of a 3d 212 and babbs fressh and almost bowing as she laughs and the photo too bends towards mesome where fresh and marvellous
guinness is good for you a metal sheet advert just the pint and no toucan and my dads old milled and lathed piston head made into a tobacco jar

thankyou please call agais in the gothic pointed tpped window hole where the nativity or some of the scen faces from me and to add africa i have put a giraffe from amy wearing a chritmas tree star
john  peel looks from the bookshelf top of this little bureau thing curricul vitae stencil pleases me for the care i took to make it pepping at me are modigino faces frederick rfranck photos fro claske and a lovely childlike creramic ark hold some corespodnece from dead and living hearts i have enjoyed the presence of and still do
i would like to thsank those that were my teachers and still are
that is something frederick wrote that spoke of such umility i knew gos had placed soemthing worth sahrig in his pecil line of seeing drawing.

it is eight i will get dressea dn then i can practise a little piano before going to my appointment although i got my good trouser out i realise i am drawing at the farm afteward so must go in hardier clothing and wrap well as the day may be cold and i woill do alittl piano before i set off at 8.30

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