Wednesday, 1 February 2012

wheel of life investigations for my grand daughter, daughter and my son and my brother freinds and i and you?

having all kinds of thoughts abouit how to accomplish my goal of sending a complete story to my writing course maker

must create a plot

had the thought whyhas garanda disappeared?

whilst typing that another slip of paper that emerged from chucking stuff out just surfaced and caught my attention

a condition of complete simplicity 
(costing not less than everything)

reasons why grandad might have disspappeared in hospital lost his kind killed himself
died beenabducted murdered  got locked in got locked away oh dear

little isobel poppy had to go to school pondering and it was days to the week end now

as well as this i started to explore the reconciliation of a paul klee doodle a complex wheel of life and a simple one and here they are as you can see the simple one is more inviting and has less spokes so i will need to stay on my diet

in trying to put complex wheel on simple bike the adventure may have deepened but the confusion makes the plaplot and route through life too much hard work on the mechanics of my thoughts so a better way after these mental push ups is a simpler plot plan here it is

so then a simpler well balanced similarly wheeled bike both sets of wheels have just 6 spokes and we put the dots in the spaces not on the spokes too in the air as it were and though the wheel is squarer i can see and work on developing my work romance and adventure the other sieve wheel  offered me these discoveries

home career marriage and if i am honest finance leisure and social
so having sieved myself i have decided to have a few lumps in my loaf and work on
work  & romance/adventure 

but rather than be lazy i will now choose to remember the questions leading to goals that these now represent  in relation to my core values which are again in order as follows

                   What activities will i start to engage in so as to be in line with my core values?Courage      work  & romance/adventure  :  dancing piano going out being in a band submitting scripts
                                                                  walking exercise  encouraging leading & listening
faith            work  & romance/adventure     playing bass studying bible fellowship study sharing               
                                                reaching out letting go giving away being SPIRIT LED
 imagination       work  & romance/adventure     morning pages /artists dates/mind mapping
                                                                             painting playing making composing
wit         work  & romance/adventure  creative writing collecting humour being fun being funny playing

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