Wednesday, 1 February 2012

i have to have a vision

I am watching coach Carter
and although I differentiate between
between teaching and coaching
the illustration of coaching
and the goal setting determination
commitment and dedication
displayed in this programme
does encourage me to make greater determination

so then my goals
grade one piano
playing piano freely
dancing freely

free style

doing morning pages stream of consciousness
maintaining goals

there are unfinished oil paint panels on my wall
an incomplete trompe l'oeil
i have dreams of animation
children's book authorship
a sustainable and proper relationship

so then i need a vision

a beautiful beach
a large space to do large paintings
an interactive white board connected to a computer
a pool or clean sea

sustained healthy diet

i am going to rip some pages from a holiday brochure now
to fuel my vision.

Coach Carter is giving off some very positive vibes and although I want some fruit
i want to feed myself with these good feelings Amen

I am thirteen stone much to my delight
considering I would say i have ate well
these last 4 days

I am going to be twelve stone one day
but my vision is a cycling dancing
being well
being balanced spiritually
a grandpa and i trust a good kindly man
with the harvest of the fruit of the spirit
in my soul
love joy peace kindness faithfulness goodness gentility self control and patienceeel of life
now that is a nice spoke wheel of life

it isn't over until it is over
i will have a long life
i will be good to everyone
but i am now here to be the best man i can and that does not depend on being perfect
nor having the girl of my dreams
nor being holier than anyone else
it is just based on being grateful to be alive and understanding my purpose relies on my author God

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  1. I have changed my goals but mu core values are getting stronger.The main thing is Jesus told me to be more like a child or a bird of the air or a lily of the field or more specifically a raven.Biblically ravens were the first out of the ark,they fed a prophet and Jeus said consider them.I watched two fly to Hilbre but they didn't land .They were both fit and funny.When I saw them later they seemed like two commedians sharing a joke on the of vast iron glass canopy of the social club.I am enjoying going to the Ukeleli fanatics,drawing Liverpool and writing songs on guitar and tinkering with piano and playing bass guitar harmonicas and wrting comic verses to epcifically perform in cafes with homegrown bananas and john gormans festivities.I am in prayer and I am out of the boat and have enjoyed making a living from images ,mugs clothes murals portraits and other things now I return to guitar tuition and life coaching .I do it as I did my lecturing in this spirit''''we do not stop playing because we grow old but we grow old because we stop playing.''' so my main core value from God is to be a child at play safely in his Eden...some call that 'planet Jim'..but I would warn them as they speak of what God has claimed for me.It is Eden alwsyswas, will be and will have been too. amen