Thursday, 2 February 2012


everyday ordinary things are interesting
if Zen a word i associate as friendly and to do
with art kindness and yes with Jesus
is as Frederick says the celebration of the commonplace then
although the invitation to make a singular furrow neurosis
of montony and
i always do and alwasys will sort of reliable identity then

but routine sustains so it should never become a rut but a joy

so how then to do that yet to enjoy deliberate tangents
built in yes but with any mystery or thriller
i need it to interrupted paused put on hold caused to change direction
not ujust by reviewing
nor deliberately being obtuse

i was a one move dance like a magnetic robot
not knowing what to say i could only communicate my interest by following
the French girl years ago on the beach  -humerous  but nnnoying
without some gesture of some next kindness i could offer

dancing and writing a mystery story
taking the lead
finding the funds
taking a risk
being brave
free downloads
whilst thinking about the brandenberg concertos and also denis potter talking last night
and visualising free musiv
coming through onto this
with small headphones
and wanting variety to the none sung
so as to provide me with a background business that is
stirring and enabling me to travel then
interestingly though i just made the decision nevertheless i have commenced using two fingers on each hand to typew ith and it sees to go with the music and like changing chord or palaying pima or clawhammer of peiano even theoir==re is a satisfaction to this and a musicality too it willl help my piano playing ah i was talking abnout dance and npowm my right has its left dancing reciporcation partner both are working in conke=unction
blair rekminded me not to lookl down and though i am of course seekling to type i mean play piano withou

well jumping forward speed reading style here is the thing i should learn to touch type i think there is a book or a programme perhaps on a computer

the sun is pouring in and sticking to all my senses and i am being tempted to put joni mitchell onto the computer having ripped bach i want anothers lyric in my head will i be able to find my own things to say oh and i should put shuffle on rather than be too routine

the routine thing i started with and then went off piste is

to do with my changing the filter on the fish today
i cleaned the filter and scrubbed the glass a little yesterday and i thought perhaps celaning the filter again today would help to have removed the floating mud more thought i feel thaty it must come soon my changing their two of thems water

i had procected this everyday detail ontp izzy for her to enjoy as an idea and a detail on a cold day as she went out to clean the bunnies perhaps she found a clue and it also help her to see a pattern emerged that was interupted and i am thinking comaparing to the realtionaship between the dancing the detectiona nd chess move

moves and thriller writing yes the harry bosch villain who provides harry with a heart and a case to solve is like other serial negativist wanting to interupt tke the lead inte dance
i am still using both hands as i realise now i was tbefore well no iuntrue have done before now true good this morning i noticed i was doing it all with one finger and so i find myself back into repetition as unlike samuel becket i am seiving no exactly like becket i am seiving so as to move on kraps last tape and the surrrealism of becket hangs on stychomithea  non sequiters he alos is seiving with his wheel of life ometimes not leting the lumps mof intiative through how to be thorouhg wel one way is to perfetc the move and take the grit round again looking for stones ion the mung beans for kitchari so seives
sieves then for erro solutions

suspended solutionms are full of grit soluble solkutions pass through mmmmmmm

phoresic thought for isobel

for my artists date two optons have occurred to me well then all three shall happen

i shall walk to blue spotty tea pot and use my rechargaebale batteries to power up my c.d
and i will continue to write about the book shop thieves

freeing books from the back room and the plural book shop thieves
and the literal bookshop thieves actually stealing the bookshop
wough good ideas
 give them an honourable motive stock at the back that they want but the bookshop owner does not put out as it is old

they have all been inm cahoots  about it never used cahoots before and we can use see how i just include you reader or di io actually think ai had morethan one me

tea up

the three artsits dates one is to go to the lady lever art gallery
the other is to walk the wirral way and yet anothter is
to go to spotty tea shop so nit is izzy pop in hoylake and mornign pages srespoinses check inat
lady lever and what of the wirral way pure artist dates

piano practise boots on this after tea prridge and readying the player and headphones here we go a packed luch too mm ok to all of you mutliple pervasive rthym of thoughts coming frombach

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