Sunday, 12 February 2012

fill our hearts with gratitude

let our dreams come true
bring the Christ into our hope
that peace in all we do
as we strive to 
release our minds from fear 
and finance thought
bring the daily bread we need
gentleness be taught
for our children's children's stream
rest be in our play
as the Holy Spirit
mends the worries 
go away
I would smile in everything
let gratitude be mine
fill my purse and pockets then
with simple pleasures now
as i seek to step upon the altar pleasant
ledge let the view be forests there
an Eden blessings pledge
oh for all the saints up there perform a ceremony
with fearless streams of music form
a dance and painting now
open up the doors for us to blessings form our dad
that all the mothers children sing
and let us not be sad 
gladness like in former times in hearth of childhood home when forma cold and dark old night
we ceased to wander and stopped out roam
my valleys fill with pleasnt streams and lakes reflect the sky and tears of joy spill down our face as if from heaven's caring eye
oh we will sing that wonder song in cadences and prayers and chords in major 7ths drift unresolved yet peacful there

nothing can stop the love of God of children 
in his care and ever hair on every head
be brown black red or fair
the thinning white the seeming bald yet down is still about
easing brows 
you come to us and we spot the grazing cows the little brook the galncing bird upon the leaves and buds we'll encourage one and everyone 
and sleep and roll and nudge
we'lll be married to our partners and we'll laugh and brush her her
we willl tell some silly jokes and hope
for love upon the air
so then as i write this morning page and find my voice to pray give me comfort stir my thought as Jesus blesses all today
take away hte devel's sin
as your is given back
as genuine trust and faithfulness 
comfortably come flooding back
 a morning cup of coffee/tea
a kindly breakfast bowl to share the coaching of the one 
who will make us one and whole
inventive leonardos all and playful klees to doodle and there's this the pretty girl with lift out souls and god seals it with her kiss
yes you are born in everything the snail he makes his way up the old and wonderful trunk and worms may think to say
now you'lll waste youir efforts climbing there best saty with us below 
oh but we will turn and glance at him and not pretend to know yet he will say there is no fruit and that the journey will be long
in our hearts you summon us and tell us to be strong 
so with a lightness to our breath and small enocouraged song
we sing as we look up there may be nothing growing yet we know God fills our cup oh yes we know that in the sap there stirs the buds of spring and our winter will be over and our effort 
brings a hope 
there may be no fruit there as yet 
our slowness true for sure
as we climb there grow up there the harvest not our own
when we get there such berries grow that have not yet been seen gifts yet to discover
love relaeased ye not on view seeds of hope to be encouraged in the like of me and you amen

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