Saturday, 18 February 2012

massive changes

an ocean of hopefulness
is flooding its way through my soul
about to be sixty
found i had missed a friend's party
woke to the sound of the phone battery needing recharging
got up about an hour ago
to write a letter to blair and dawn on an elephant never forgets postcard parodoxically i had

i had managed to finish my barcelona painting at last started it way back in sept i think

also managed to get to grips with nine basic jive moves

i have two big jobs one is map the other a costing for a chester church mural

any way i couldn't sleep
my mind's eye was getting such pleasure form the graphic text of the word jesus
i saw the three curves of the jss as potentially a tandem for two
and got up thinking i will do my morning pages and clearly they are
whilst on the image computer i gathered some bits
after writing jesus

another thing that occurred to me started me moving thing so
a piece of furniture can go from lounge to bedroom
in readiness for the piano
i want to keep the recently gined space in the lounge even though it means throwing especially as it means throwing more stuff out
in this case a small unused cupboard
i am thinking too that it will be nice to bring the guitar stand robert designed in school into here to enjoy amen

here are some of the gleaning from the other computer

 So then this is fun it is ten past three in the morning i have a slight cold and i am enjoying looking at these drawing especially the one of the girl my friend and once my lover and hoped for bride she is sleeping oh i am so grateful to god for all the wonder of simply being alive and contemplating gifts hopes dreams persistence and a healthier attitude i regret missing the party it would have enabled me to get to know more people to regret to know some new people i have met a little better and encouraged me in my sociability intentional goal a spoke on my wheel a budding branch in my tree of life

i am so glad that sociability is a real word i thought i had made it up but spell check says no
the above is another thing i thought i had made up too i.e. the sap of joy as a fruit of the spirit maybe it should be called the fruit juice of joy

so then interior design and graphic design and coaching are gifts i am redeploying and dance is me stepping out on the water my re commitment to the piano and the writing course is being fueled by my employer God

Julia Cameron has it right she says God as my source is a simple but completely effective plan for living
it removes negative dependency-and anxiety-from our lives by assuring us that God will provide.Our job is to listen for how.

So then i am caught up in a river of change i am using books that are travelling to and from shelves floor sofa and back i am able to return a book to babs on barcelona having finished the painting and have received back from her the little women book i found when i saw it in my mind the wonder earl thollander book i wonder if any of his pictures are out there for me to google back in a  moment


I must do Liverpool this way with sponge stencils and barbecue skewer n ink
oh to write songs on the piano play bass in a band and jive and paint pictures of people jiving especailly in the wonderful venue in liverpool near anfield football ground oh the adventure of being 60 and full of dreams

I pray lord that i see one hundred productively with childrens books time withmy grandchildren and encouragein younger and older friends young at heart forever dylan


  1. Thanks for all of these thoughts, Jim.