Saturday, 11 February 2012

Holy Spirit punkology

Alive alive I wanna get up n jive
wreck my stockings in some juke box dive
i am on a lonely road and i am travelling travelling travelling
looking for the key
to set me free
oh the jealousy the greed is my inravelling its the unravelling

...the joy that should be

thats from blue and  ricky don't lose that number its the only
one you won and by using it you'll feel better when you get home

thats from can't buy a thrill there is no such thing as
restless complacency  no
exciting eccentricity out there ness with courageuos heartedness

steely dan and joni mitchell at their best are doing something not cuting a monotonous neural groove by
causing anger of joy filled hope fuelled excitement leadig by example
sure to hear amy laughing with excitement at being alibe and
talking about chatting to a chinese student of hers
as she passed the houses of parliament
as i soke of the wine label drawing
and to share the power of the ordinaryt worth celebrating
was fab
she was in the cold on her mobile phoning me back
because i had invited her to my 60th
she will be there if she is not at a new job she might ghet in barcelona

that i took empowerment for getting two pairs of trousers dry cleaned
and from getting a new battery for the car
yes to the excitement and celebration of mainetence repair recycling
but w

wonderment and thrils to the coaching dreams and playing live of newly formed bands and punk
elvis costellos's pump it up
a responmse and a shoot drawn to the sunlight of bob dylans
johnies in the basement thinkin bout the government
tom thumbs blues is it

ohh the aliveness of the kless chagalls the violin in mayall's laurel canyon

sugarcane harris that is there in zappa and was he also in canned heat oh quiz master ask me all the questions to all the exciting questions my mind knows the answer too
oh sandra call for me and pass me to all the one who will dance me with the holy spirit oh john haynes point to the wionderful interactive white boards of free association oh music taeachers regroove me with rhythms chord minor keys and blue be the miles and jonis of matisse and picasso artistically sparring for peace with their paris fuelled wonderment as stefan grapelli teaches yehudi haow to be free

oh rstring every instrument as nick dreke gains the courgae to play his guita with so many diffferent finferings and retunings that no mind could conceive of the melancholgy but no heart resist feeeling all that god has to offer for the comap
assion of frederick francks zen of seeing through all the masaks as jesus di
hypocrite all we
yet jesus point t o both the hypocrites mask and helps dylan to realise i become my enemey in the moment that i preach and trust ther is a bigi big big big big word appears on an ironic iconic fame looking over its glasses as costello a name associated with the humour of the marks brothers punlk pumps it up

oh the vitality never forget it and keep it fuelled with posibilities to sahere with our children as they decide they want climbing walls over shops halleleuljah they are out there like the face of my baby grandad who 'gets it'
what does she get
she gets me and my joy
and she gets 'being alive' fab fab fab

oh i remember every affirmative good thing about my life
why do i want to tidy my flat
whay do i want to lose weight
why dpo i want to write songs childrens books and do vast murals and epic involvement ipeople and performance and journey and in you the unknown starnger with christ in your eyes heart and warm hope fuelled dance like matisse papercut jazz and oh.....why holy spirit punk me mpumop me with the excitement of waking up as gods child and there is a concerto fat least five psarrow soinging in the thrilling cold morning outside as thdawn thinks of waking up and it is quarter to 8

i will be sixty but i am loving 59 11 months and so many days at this time of day heart hope thril of simply being were i find i want to repari a slight rip in siom e old trousers instead of putting on the newly cleaned dry cleaning pristine trousers oh decisions joy and the cycle of being seive for gold minor for a heart thereof

oh need to listen to one of these albums here they are again

oh and an album after my own heart for its tile get happy!     mmmm

Artist: Elvis Costello

Bad lovers face to face in the morning
Shy apologies and polite regrets
Slow dances that left no warning of
Outraged glances and indiscreet yawning
Good manners and bad breath get you nowhere
Even presidents have newspaper lovers
Ministers go crawling under covers
She's no angel
He's no saint
They're all covered up with white washed grease paint
And you say...

The teacher never told you anything but white lies
But you never see the lies
And you believe
Oh you know you have been captured
You feel so civilized
And you look so pretty in your new lace sleeves

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