Thursday, 2 February 2012

week 2 recovery morning pages

ten tiny changes i would like to make to myself

  1. I would like to finish assignment 8 izzy's first case
  2. I would like to have a luxurious artists date perhaps in southport
  3. I would like to really coach someone for money
  4. I would like to have more guitar students
  5. I would like to  improve my dancing and take myself to one
  6. I would like to make a regular practise time for my piano and see improvement
  7. I would like to have romance -real feelings for another reciprocated naturally unforced no dating site stuff
  8. I would like to make something playful -paper dancers
  9. I would like to create a set of drawings for izzy books
  10. I would like to run swim dance
  11. I would like to play in a band for another income
  12.   I would like to book a holiday
  13. I would like to stay at bobs again
  14. I would like to see Amy and have a holiday with her
  15. I would like to have drawing writing holiday as my new self alone but in touch with everything 
  16. I would like to have a better bathtub
  17. I would like to grow still more creative playful
  18. I would like to create a song album of images stories publish
  19. I would like tohave a writer's agent and be successfully productive
  20. I would like to know God' love and be affirmative
  21. I would like to read a lot of books catalogue the ideas and do mind maps of how they work
  22. Build a quality set of creativity coaching course exemplars and documents structured clearly
  23. I would like to do a different simpler gentler set of divine illustration for church mission

Select one item and make it a goal for this week
has to be number one finish assignment 8

Check in 
1.How many times did i do my morning pages this week? every day
My morning pages becam addictive i kept finding more and more to say I started to think in morning pages and the way that i am free to think record and meditate is like riffing a tune on a harmonica i feel i am findding things i even started dancing three time in one week and am saying yes to courageous being today i reduced the ambitiousness of three morning pages to one and had a beech walk endabour to complet assignmet 8 
watched without turning over coach acarter and realised this is role model behaviour and a challenge
the dialogue between ixxy pop and i my grandaughter as imagainarty detective and rob and i as supportive charactros has grown into a christmas dram with a millions feel as i visualise a shed like simons but this one with her writing down clues as sleuth and the cat marple being her mentor when grandad is not their she bounces her thepories off the gbig fluffy gray cat  she texts wifiskype and emails grandad with her ideas her latest being that she has bnoticed using her dad spi cam that the team of ppeole are staling book grandad who draws ahad seen one of them when he was drawing and a lady for the bookshop staff door who wanted to smoke had warned him against being hit by the door and he had warned her about smoking any way she had gone thourhg an adjacent door into the back of m&s and yes it did look as if the bag was filled with books

anyway the check in thios week with morning pages is asking what surprised me anbout the thingss i found myself writing about well it was interesting i swithced the computer on when coach carter was on jsut to record my ideas.The coaching has become a major theme as i still seek to continue with the coaching i have been advertising 

blurts noticed are negative feelings like when i came home despondent and comfort ate or when i had four days of binging in somuch as i had eaten steak pie chips sausage butties yet i must hadve measured it all somehow as when oi got on the scale si had hit my ttarget weight also this started because of the negative experience of my short term memory not llowing me seemingly to recal dance moves

yet  had enjoyed daves birthday ed had come over and i had been asserive with him and john about the bethseda pools experience in relation to john the daily amil and the being happy paper and jesus rebuke and bruskness something that came up on monday night when i asserted jesus satisfied his hundger byu serving and so joy is in the flow of it all

today i want to recall i came back via the beach and was well wrapped up a bit disappointed the rechargable batteries hadn't held out and also the wifi diod bot work prnmanenetly in ble spotty cafe but they were nice and that was my arists date really licorice and cinnamon tea with milk andd an apricot and vanilla dnaish which enabled me to make inroads into my assignment 8 as i had promised myself that i would my other promise to day is pianpo practise and proactively i have nbeen in toauch with leslie to monitor my progress

other things i have been blogging about ionclude the film in new brighton which is about a mans silent arrogance and refusal to change so coach carter on the one hand causing his student ot nboth paly and studty he is balalancing theoir wheels and theis old movie start valenting whose guardian angel proves to be change itself int he wake of a seed he pl;anted visa vis a beauty spot andother t.v programme i foun d myself watchig nwas the very intellectiul man explaining french culture and alos the denis potter interview i want to learn form aritucluat travel log writers and architecture semiology interpretors and from writers like potter revealing his emotuoional cathartic sense of place culture and response the main buz word with the french writier guy wa shte work sssprawl and he listed a long diatribe sport sprawl office sprawl and yet his main point was the french don't od o sprawl yet idolise ameraica for its sprawl

simon was throwing out some books i loved the pictures in the little ghost by otrfied preussler
and when i arrived in blue spotty teashop i bought Claude in the city  these images and some of the swedish childrens books and the french artist semp are giving me a yearning like sarks for the simple the younger wirters etc any how i am still afloat with hope that i will rpoduce a less is more way of being yet.

Necessary frivolity

that is how the check in just described what morning pages should be 
i did not go into liverpool this week as i fear spending too much
this afternoon i will bathe and i will read the first chapter of 
simplify your life
i will play piano and study it too
i will read these children's books and i will rebegin the  Barcelona based mystery 

today is still an artists date.

othr issues that came up significant to my recovery

well the lostness of sunday when i went to dance and not church

my enjoyment on monday of johns gospel and the people there the pictures with babs on tuesday and my dancing shoes hat etc enjoyment of the details and the newness alos my spotting it was daves birthdyay and happily giving him the guitar and paris print and that i could eat anything and yet still lose weight wow

also the clearing of spavce to think in the licvivng room and the celarling of space to print my se=ethcings  in the kitchen and in many ways mu disinclination to meand thes spelling mistakes as i am enjoying thw riffing flow of the thought music so musch i do not want it to stop

twenty thing that i enjoy doing

being with a lovely love
playing harmonica to a good groove
writing a song using the ideas or feel of another 
making something with paper or clay
reading childrens books
going to the pictures
dreaming to music 
having a bath spending money
smoking a cigar -a i say this knowing simon and i are going to have one each on monday
swimming in the sea
kissing a pretty girl
being kissed
baking bread
lying in the sun
doing nothing
being in a garden
owning a shed
being part of a class
sitting in  library 
writing my thesis

buying an album drawing in ink freely publicly happily

this week buy an cd
go to a garden centre
play a language tape
read the barcelona book
eat a cake
make a lemon meringue pie

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