Friday, 10 February 2012

Happy valentines day Reg n Enda!

there I was sending a text to Jimmy to ask if he would play at my birthday/exhibition
only to get a reply saying yes but that he had just won an award for our Regenda Annual Report work
he had the initiative to ask me to create Reg and Enda for the Regenda Calendar that would be give
a very original graphic design spin on the annual report concept.

We worked to tight deadlines sometimes  but with a fine team at both Regenda and James Rae Communocations and James' other associates.The concept for the cover was based on bring me sunshine
which has musical associations for us both fromour Morecambe and W'ise performances at Under the Mersey moon' mural et al venue

here is jimmy's own wonderful drawing

which went through translation usaing my design sheets for the couple plus my own dog form my childhood

the sheets were created following agreement from the tenants of the Regenda housing group.
the storyboard for most of the situation comedy came from James narrative flair and so I enjoyed giving life to our newly born village.At first i learned to work in photoshop layers on the colouring but it seemed a better idea to create colouring books for further development by the team

One of my coloured sheets

here are my colouring book images of James's ideas:
So happy Valentine's day Reg and Enda you just won the top prize in excellence at the TPAS awards for annual reports.Pretty cool hmm?

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