Monday, 6 February 2012

morning pages

my mind is tired and today i did my very best to
continue on the path of 'getting on with it'
i am not a wise man
yet perhaps i am to be more positive
yes affirmations
i am a curious and kindly grandad
the speed with which the questions on university challenge
are being asked is disorientating
it is a cold day
anyway what have i done today to make me feel proud
i have decided to take the morning off from going to char
and i will use the time to play piano
in the new way simon has shown me
and in the old way that i intend to do grade 1 piano exam using

on the t.v. using the red button is a puppet show of dickens
i think it is copperfield
i feel a little hungry i could have sausage butties
or shall i make a jelly?
as i look around me slightly disorientated perhaps a little unwell
well there is the keyboard and on it andante that is covered in pencil marks where once upon a time
babs kindly helped to get me started with piano playing
i do hope my friends matty's parents do give me the piano and help me to recieve it here in the flat
i do hope i shall sustain the dancing and find the funds for it
first thing i spent soem ninety odd quid on a new car battery and wiper baldes
don't hink much of this surreal animation of dickens too clumsy a collage of shoes and bittiness
flicking through the tv channels is very disorientating in my current state
what to do?
artists date?
what did i do today to make me feel something-pride
well here are some images i created using a wip board and also a papercut too

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