Sunday, 5 February 2012

its all one long prayer really

i suspect the poem to woody guthrie by dylan though clearly the first rap
was an appeal to hope a prayer really

today a series of seeming negative things have bben happening
cancelled time with friend
a lighter bike swapped back
6 lbs weight put on
new battery needed by car estimated £85

yet the lovely time and tuft of hair with izzy
and my lively family bob suzy and izzy
playing the bass with friends
enjoying basic bass the second time around
kind assistance with grade one piano focusing
knidly exchange with norma about izzy and robs birthday present

and a good sermon about the lords prayer
and God's sufficiency in the daily bread
time with anne n graham musically

and bob and suzy taking some pictures so
good things going out like the guitar to dave and the lillies to bob
also andrew and suzanne n john seeing izzy in char
and the new commission to replace water damaged bathroom for simon across the road

the prayer is for the lifted optimistic joyful coaching hopefulness not leaving me
that i will not spiral down on all the negativity that some friends seem to be unable to shrug off
oh how it would help amen

still dave has come and retrieved his daughters bike
and the blanc et noir is a lovely thing for my eyes

oh lord god be out there in here in me and amongst my friends let them be transformed by you
not conformed to me


so what of tomorrow now
in hope of spending on a battery
trip to halfords then out to get it

then to dee fine arts to continue the wine label commission
all quotations now start at £120
yet a couple of small pieces on walls are going out light this week
for retouches and small scale jobs

perhaps i get up earlier enough for a walk and a bath before the battery job

oh hope oh help of gently does it then

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