Wednesday, 8 February 2012

my day has started

about 5.20 a.m exciting and have been able to interupt diving staright into first idea of the day as i got up which was (busilly now loking for the scrap of paper

' the none Christianity of assumed holiness'

humdinger i think you'll agree?

my continued seeking to add to this came up with

'and the none Christianity of patronising cheerlessness'

my friend Tom put it well
he has not been physically well
but spiritually whole(as with Job)
people have 2 ways of asking how are you
one has the tone of a real caring none patronising wholesomness in their voice that at least offers you the chance to respond positively
others on the other hand are inviting misery in the way
 they have already assumed not well
there for their very presence is a very generous offering
 this is of course my attempt to impute the meaning
as Tom simply mimicked strength in the first voice
and dourness in the second.
 we both confirmed this is
fed by the tone of certain newspapers that perhaps like cigarettes
should really be avoided for our health's sake.

I also scribbled down quickly 
Good news is for ALL
and like currency is meant to flow

any way i managed to listen and get in quickly
the morning pages are a good idea and i believe a form of prayer
that feel private yet as blogged are accessible i take comfort
 in the fact that John's gospel testifies to such with God being recorded
though i heed the warning of Jesus they should not be public
expressions of superiority
i remember the context that Jesus spoke of was a
similarly superior attitude of a publicly patronising priest
Dylan said i become my enemy in the moment that i preach and enjoy again the thoughts of St Francis or should we just call him frank Frank -(just enjoyed the link with Doctor Franck)
'i preached today and sometimes i even used words
doctor do much rather than little me thinks as
he seeks to understand rather
than seeking to be understood

i asked int he bike shop whether i could sawp my blanc et noir for a lighter bike
they said ebay so rather than do that i will attempt when it gets warm to cycle to heswall on the blanc et noir true i may not have the benefit of the gears but it will mean i still have the bike to give to amy and also that the using what i have will still be a realised enjoyed blessing.

my goals remain the writing of assignment 8
sustained artist way activity continued shaping of the grow model and
gifts yet to discover lunchtime life coaching course paper modelling
reading and implementation of simplify your life
piano learning

this morning i dived in and did piano ahead forthemostpart of my morning blurts affirmations goals and encouragements

foung gary in slinkys and jan to be of a very positive frame of mind cool!
just going to look at the checking in part of the artist weay this has been week three of my contract with the books stream of hope..

Just noticed
anger is to be acted upon + change your company/environment
take your own  ideas seriously enough to treat them well

anger is not action but a loyal  friend actions invitation

Answered prayers deliver us back to our own hand-discomfort us
the hurt of rebirth makes us angry=responsibility
ideas do not get opening nights!
used properly anger is useful
she goes on Julia Cameron
preaching eloquently instructively and too firm to ever be patronising
i get at all time like Tom said of our friend Brian that the author of the words is using the medicine they are prescibing themselves there for good and wholesome
she goes on to say this

'we are much more afraid that there might be a God than that there might not be'

whcic echoes in an interesting way the powerful beyond measure (responsibility)
of the Nelson Mandella speech

no book,least of all the bible is meant
 to be dammed up within the walls of its covers
perhaps like manna and like fruit if unused

 they should go off and stink like the stagnant currency it is

one of the tasks for week three

list five childhood accomplishments

the rolling breakfall i learned to momentarily somersault
i had no audience but i know that i did this on sand hills and it was amazing to simply flip and land on my feet it amazed me and how i would love to experience this child hood joy

1.the next has to be swimming like afish off the coast at st ives i was not very big but oh so alive so very very very alive

2.the next painting the knights of the round tabel aeliptical collage in pen and gouache that ihad framed ont eh loft wall

3.the loft a space my father provided for model scalextric cars became a refuge for friend froma church club and God provided us with out own hymn sheet it was a gift form a flower to a garden by donovan and how appropriate for these little mushroom frineds blooming to 60/70s music in the dark of a windowless loft associated accomplishment was the harmonica which in the loneleinss of missing these friends i would blow to john mayall albums and i feel now that finding john mayall and joni mitchell through my friend john layton was to me a n early realisation of st francis and st clare with flower power ecological big yellow taxi laurel canyon retyurn  to eden asociations and i will add

5,wiriting a letter to dr frederick because god brought claske and the zen of seeing into my life
that amkes 5 i think

five favourite childhood foods are


sausage butties

cod liver oil and malt

parkin cake

rice pudding

three habits i do not like
1. being in negative company
2.watching boring telly
3.being negligent i.e untidy scruffy disorganised-none time management

Three Friends who do not treat me as helpless
yet are nurturing and encouraging are
George-share a mutual interest and watch encourage each others growth
Ed-similarly mutually out there being changed doing new things encourageng each othet
Jimmy Rae- he and i are again beleiving and extending our boundaries and growing outwards

their traits that benefit me are with George a mutual interest in the ideas
and the music of writers and musicians films  parables and transforming faith  and sustained endeavour and grandad nessand St Francis

Ed a shared collection of cultural associations ways of thinking and
creative questioning/networking and a musical thread
Jimmy Rae qualities of self examination creative musical playfulness family values and
effective business mindedness .keen to simple play well for a good listening audience

all three have and inclusiveness that fits with the two core values of christ i find in john 10.16 and john 17
that are love of all neighbours and the pervasive reassurance of the inclusiveness of God's provision and love

two do not have a strong cristian faith yet like the good samaritan fit with christs decription of neighbour

Julia suggests i call one of these as i will need support as i choose to change cool

artsit brain activity this week has been the buying the white board and instead of simply getting on with barceloan that is nearing completion i tried and enjoyed paper cut and white board soltuions to design chaleges

five people i admire well

matisse for his lyrical childlike simplicity i supose i want to group chagall picasso and klee with these for their childlike freedom and breadth

dylan and joni for the sheer volume and quality in the lyrics and there exploration of ways to play these narrative poems

alan and janet ahlberg just noticed they have the names of two married friends and share many of their kindly homebuilding qualities too

my sons; hero fearnlea wittinstall thingy m bob  for the location and life style as well as the ethical and broad natural context of farm food and family

i would have said kevin mcloud but some how there is a lack of a female presence there
so my fifth admiree is dr frederick without being religious frederick followed a faithful truthful heart searching inclusive reconciliation path and many of my hopes coem fro hsiassociation with zen st francis making scupture from found objects and meditation of simplicity and truth witha plyfulness and a sense of place

jhn mayall and frederick both creted a den to be in and to share
back to the roots album and pacem in terris are the tad292 ideals realiesed having ideas by using materials in a reverence for the profoundness of simply being alive at all way

so then
home building
friends sharing withness frederick incivted plays and concerts and drew write books
joni paint plays and is in the landscape fesh an sumptuous in sund and colur like klee
klee and chagall musical art janet and allan team of writing and illutrating in a fsh child centred untoiced parable way like st francis sometimes using words  playfulness all of them

five people who i admire who are alive well
jimmy rae song writer  and family man and business man/friend
he is balancing the spokes of his life wheel by treating them as separate spokes of equal virtue

simon wallis his garden as a playful creative space his good attitude piano playing and general ternderness of heart and encouraging nature in fact surprised he did not appear in the earlier list of three/

brian as his sermons and attitude are nurturing caring musical and hopefilled

my son and daughter and brother i learn form them and am azed by the range of them
rob has created a hearthof hope and enjoys a lovly home partner daughter bass playing purposeful employment
my brother like cameron remained in a job and secured a good pension and despite the untimely death of his wife has come trhough with kindly sustaned good attitude and helpfulness

my daughter who is somehow a mirror of my own face
who has managed like bob to travel a lot yet she has
done it mostly alone bravel steadfastly and with our help but here is something and someone else i admire norma and robert have both eabled her to enjoy this i have tried with two small holidays to give time and of what i had to give but she is a little powerhouse of possibilities maintining her vegan stance her moral compass and her drive to chanmge whatever she perceives to be unfare-oh yes i am very much in awe of amy bob dave and norma and wish with all my heart that i had been a better inspiration to date that i have been Lord bless them and aebale me to mirror the quaklities i see in their steadfastness

i am now as the final task before i try the checking in list

compare the list of living people i admire with those who are heroes and
discern what i admire as opposed to what i think i am supposed to admire

it is a wild courage of chagall
homeliness of joni
musicality of stefan grapelli/mayall- just realised all the flavours of his bands
and the instruments violin harmonica keyboard bass etc and that tree house
i will go to the picasso/matisse side of myself for  while

going to run a bath now

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