Saturday, 4 February 2012

share them testify to them beleive

 and enjoy them so may wonderful life lines hope,possibilities ,friends
enjoyed a banquet form flame n wok and thought of Michelle the french
 chinese owner fiend who had encouraged my painting of the crescent
with whom Amy and i shared a meal at his home once and his sweet smile
there with sooz's mum n rob and izzy sleeping in the little night picture to
 say i am here nearby and the the two lovelt toys jimmy rae had passed me
and rob n sooz saying it was a well know quality brand cool

at dee i have left my julia cameron's artists way and it currently speaks of
 answered prayer and how anger is a friend not an action but a thing that prompts
 us to change to act upon the yearnings for change it reveals it is not a gentle kind nor
lovely friend but it is loyal and we are prompted to take note of the discontentment to
listen to anger and act by being transformed and how serendipity god incidence
synchronicity are in these currents of transforming power.

it is 7.10 a.m

i love the abundance of this room a nest to feel joyous over nevertheless
less is more and i have a wine label to design with three three letter word

provision of friends family books income a body foos and life life life

morning then morning pages that start as i wake or perhaps never end the prayer that is thought too in my sleep as
i awaken with blessedness and encouragement in min don my my might migh mi mind
mine mine mining oh

words flowing as john klennon notice endless rain inside the paper cup of 'me't place right time somewhere people and rob is enjoying the minutae of the lego constructions
across the universe'the everywhere' of seeming nowhere men bu not os
we are right
the words hust got scrambled and tosssed like an amellette as i do not look up so often at the screen as i must identify the keyboard not i am playing

momentarily thought there abou dylans ode to woody

watched dylans film with geaorge yesterday morning

the main hit for me pre seeing my own son was matty's progress
he is enjoying playing from the stave and i noticed he has been a student for over a year and has come far along the path
keith and matt's mum spoke of giving me their piano it is a resounding yes to that just what serendiity suggest i will give matty another of these guitars one just went out to david oh i like this outflow inflow joy

music needs practice i myself am looking forward to doing my grade one
two goals grade on piano and completion of the writing course good that some exams are there ot be goals for us then

my mornung pages are a cut and paste of random yet related gleanings of being tomomorrw i am in church playing minimal bass twice i like the scale and rooting for the meoldy and i like the three broken chord? patterns on the neck though in truth they are in oredr in 3 pplaces so not broken just alternative i think broken infers inverted or out of sequence a little whatever
any way it is as dylans lampoons all good

yet this cheerful will out andrew matthews being happpy is a significant document and i will dig out the notes i got john to highlight.

what to do today

the list of thing to do this week is pauint custards with my student family group design the wine label retouch and add to the mural on blaris wall danws inclusion of couple car n cat and put a flower on a wall in westbourne cresent oh and enjoy further guitar lesson at matty's and look at the piano and give gift of the piano guitar to matty

just realised the one i gave to dave started its second life as my upside down left hand guitar

so then other things to work on this week are the options part of the coaching with si
and my enjoyment of cigar and his space also see what develops form our mutual working
he adds so much to the order of events and i have this wonderful book on simplifying my life to share with his and the julian cameron artist way too

i want to go for my walk and also pratcise piano and prepare a packed lunch

Lord God i pray for guidance protection blessing and clarity in respect of so many thingi
pray for singular shred track focused alert and harmless loving kind and courageous i ask for what i want and not what i do not want thank you for the books that point to a clearer asking of you an attracting waht you want to bless me with it is 4th feb

i will scan this word for today in

By God's Grace I can----learn something new .Amen

margy surprised me with a kindness thank you amen

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