Tuesday, 7 February 2012


dieting reflecting love mirroring
currency and Amy
iam about to go to Amy's drawings earlier in this blog and put them up on facebook another thing i can do is to find the photo of her in the other computer that shows her working on the mural
i wanted to reflect Bobsters facebook page so removed may and i from the background imageand put up the mural i am proud of Amy's drawings .In trying to upload the link to her on facebook the little icon samples as i scrolled offered me a watercolour of her so i used that but her dawing are lovely and the new way i have of using a wipeable white board remind me of our stick and ink quite tempted to take two little wipe board on holiday sponges for dry wiping and water based pens perhaps if she has found work in barceloa i shall go there and if notthen we could both do liverpool chester and caldy?my main two goals for this morning are points reducing walking and mind enhancing piano playing goal reasling happy book review reading forr the course i am on under my own monitoring and shared with simon any insights form it Julia camerons morning pages anyway numbers must play a part and i need to to the maths of chord finger location using both hands defly in concert together as one chord

my timetabel and diet and income flow all require as does my piano playing numbers relationships as does the dancing like cogs of flow to produce anergy and healthy results my walking is part of this flowing along too
in fact i have a piece of card to fill in to let the electricity board know where i am up to with my use of the samll heater beside me and the cooker and bathtub

this morning i am eating two hot cross buns so i think/feel i am taking in about 10 points whiuch is a third nearly of my daily points whilst i am inviting in through design and two murals and a guitar lesson about 180+60+35+20+120 this week having a -90 from the battery and windscreen wiper blades so
£300 in about this week  perhaps to turn off radiator at night to start dieting on the electricity bill startegically start writing down my imageined point for tallying my food not just subconsciously bu sort of intermediate like daily goal keeping   interesting  goal keeeping nice one   i am a goal keeper and a goal scorer now there is a reason to like sport

desk top short cuts like hightlighting a word then control and b i learned fro bob a southport student par excellent

these morning pages have got more scrambled than usuual as i must have had the curor hovering elsewhere in the time sequence and bars of these word cages oh well

just made a chai had a red bush earlier the sun is up and the day holds a walk in readiness and piano recital and hopeful reading had some nice feedback from dave who likes the designs i have done a couple on facebook they are of big ben using papercut and white board drawings both enhanced in phtoshop a little

as i sit back to sip the smoky red bush and savour it the sun is shining on the little lion cushion cover the small silk union jack pillow and on the wall with my faux paris in snow image and on the highlighter penned being happy i want this i will not say what i don't want want this instead being happy even \god willing physically spiritually healthily organised ish into wiseness on behalf of a full filled life though with a well articulated exercised balance of being alive to it all amen

Lord may these morning pages be you and me together like the queen and the prime minister that is your blessing to this samll island to have a family at its heart where a tyrant placed himself and beheaded women you head with a woman and unlike mrs t a feminine one halleleujah yet i nknow that all that i say you do not concur with as i have just judged a judgemental one yes but i reciprocated the sin of keeping such mental company bad accountancy i must ask for waht i do want rather than wasting this prcsious time with you i imagine the queen would have just pursed her lips held her tongue and kindly nodded once to remind me to get back on track?

Morning pages need to be sustained long enough like piano practise to push through to the unknown i am after all rehearing how to write how to share and how to tranfer the srcibble ilustrative playful painting skill way into the roorting music of written picture making

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