Monday, 20 February 2012

tired and earned it

8.30 woken by phone call
breakfast and piano awaiting
functional life coaching
for a friend
dreams come true focus on what you want not on what you don't want
beware wolves in sheep's clothing
prayers hopes and dreams come a loving father
fear comes from the enemy
grateful for augmented insight move third and fifth to right one semitone
diminished move third and fifth thumb and first finger one semitone to left
using the one chord two hand method with octave in left thumb and little finger
Sinatra a fine romance to warm inside the melody by choosing notes to add augmented or diminished
for flavourings

Anyway off to Dee and started to make pencil doodles with a little watercolour to turn a farm map into a gentle illustrative model. My client agreed as did Margi in Dee that stone soup as illustrated by Georgien Overwater in
Usborne's illustrated stories for bedtime is truly inspirational.

Walked for a couple of hours scribbling notes and filling the camera.A very exciting project .Thanks be to God.Amen

Well put the camera batteries to recharge and started Dysoning the flat and then moving furniture
More rubbish to throw away. But now my bedding is refreshed and a side table sits in the newly cleaned bedroom whilst .a new space exists in the lounge and my son's guitar satnd built in school is now deployed and has pride of place .It is now eleven didn't eat till 10 .Progress.

Bathwater on and hopefully me in soon
these are late for morning pages but honour satisfied

I pray for my friends all seem to have the blues at present must be vitamin d deficient
in the sad sunlessness.

Found my ealrier nore on andrew matthews being happy
i am grateful to God for this book and for the artist way by julia cameron
for the stone soup parable and for jesus christs transforming y heart into a sponge for that is truly lovely amen

Lord my prayers are for tomorrows art lesson that i will be a blessing as i teach fashion/figure drawing and watercolour and that should one of my friends have the blues that i will be able to add a little vitamin happy d in
cha bar

discipleship is life coaching
life coaching is Samaritan holy spirit inspired discipleship- pray ask my Lord for verification
incognito Christianity ?
Thoughts are more questionings than answers.

Tired and need a bath dusty from Dyson and farm maping

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