Friday, 3 February 2012

simplicity seive

well it friday
and i look forward to my walk
with George
Caldy Road beach shingle etc

reading a book that is about the way of simplicity
simple sieve of possessions suggests
4 holes out forward important immediate

sitting next to radiator in tee shirt hoody and blue pyjama trousers
with bare feet delighted by the warmth from the radiator and small birds' song
outside steamed up window

and claude evoking memories of a french children's book madeleiene
claude i bought yesterday in blue spotty tee shop on my artists date
my son just phoned and he is staying in guest house in west kirby i will phone him on my mobile
after this evenings guitar lesson

i will complete getting dressed
i have effectively multi tasked breakfast and pack up lunch and this blog seqentially yet with a little overlapping too

so bobby izzy n suooz here somewhere

my thought prebobster call were focusing back of mind on piano practice
and on the simplification

whilst for the writing course i have a mystery 1500 words to write

i visualise myself doing lone trips to cities like paris with izzzy pop in mind

dancing jive

oh sneeze

just found the two toys to pass to izzy one is a hightly tactil colourful dog the other is

a doll

that will have to do for my morning pages today thank you
i am drinking vitamin c and will now get dressed and go fo my walk

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