Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm gonna take a step of faith

I'm gonna put my trust in  the Lord

well valentine's day too was wonderful too
a lovely night with wonderful company and a refreshing change in me
people would ask me to dance
and i would say yes
i even asked people to show me
whilst i do not yet have the confidence nor the complete memory of the moves i have enjoyed so far
nevertheless i am stepping up and hoping
i had a haircut
and prepared my body with a second meal of half a portion of fish chips n mushy peas
i googled two addresses and had thoughts about satnav
 think i will get a home charger to tom tom so i can put this in order too

the main goal today wednesday is to
empty the flat of anything not wanted to charity shops
 tip and file the important bits and act on anything urgent

Sandra 'Sharn' n ben were my main friends and
I could see Blair wizzing around confidently with Dawn
and others like Sue the dance instructor form near Cheshire Oaks on Mondays was there too
in all i think about 6 people danced with me and helped me too
i got shown the cradel and practiced the octopus hand jive man spin yoyo man spin
wurlitzer and one sue showed me that i cannot just now recall the name of

i have just ripped an album called the bigchill for my background music
appropriately i bought this with interiors style magazine some years
 ago when i was teaching advanced interior design
one of the young mum's went on to get an university degree in interiors and
in the newspaper clipping it spoke of her designing
child friendly hospital reception style areas /awards
God is good to me
other students designed the Moose cafe in oxton and John Gorman
George Ryan and I would use its plush lower lounge to design write
create scenarios for a BoB Dylan play idea that was on our minds just then

John hosted evenings there and i got to

talk about my murals with a slide show and perform
I really and Santa Claus honest there and also the harmonica
on Under the mersey Moon with Jimmy Rae

it was great fun running the course at Southport the
building were going through changes and the upstairs
open study area presented a modern open office feel
for the creatiivity that enabled my students to visualise on the blank canvas of the open space
 ashame the college visualised compartmentalising it and losing this free flowing earlier intelligent and courageous earlier decision

A wonderful Godincidence surrounding the friendship
with John was him passing the phone to Polly and catherine who had used the course to create their cafe

i did not know he knew them

thanks God

I will make myself some breakfastof shredded wheat and maple syrup and hot milk
and some chai tea the drifty music evoked these memories and recollections i think i used to play this album when i was given a smaller space in grpahic design where they relocated me with a wonderful interactive light board so the college may have narrowed its focus but then added a real plus in this board
so then as i sweep clean and make sense of the flat my ideas will die like the college die if i compartmentalise
whilst simplifying for the benefit of what measurement paperwork pastoral care that was client led and did not care for the staff having duplication of the system for paper back up and lack of faith in the risk to computerise thus doubling the price they were seeking to half no wonder they subsequently sought the economy of staff reductions and course cuts thought to be fair this was a govenrment cuts trend too probably for a similar saatchi and saatchi style emporers new clothes reason too

oh well

i have just poured a half a large bottle of Robinson's double concentrate apple and blackcurrant
down the drain as it contains that potentially harmful aspartame   how can the trades descriptionhave allowed thre no artificial flavours on the front of the bottle taste buds are not what get stimulated by this substance -may be the answer

so then a positive start to my day

wearing new cut hair and a spotty yellow dicky bow
black suit and shiny black shoes last night

i have printed out a week's planner from calendars google i found

simon has done the most profound things in his garden master skip searcher
and idea assimilator enthusiastic father musician share amen

sandra too reaches out and shares
and has just secured made sense of moved in to a fine new house she is pleased with

change is happening

interior design is one of the spokes of my wheel of support

keep thinking and rethinking of the wheel spokes
the sieves the cake slices of the pie cut charts of the all rounded heartcore centred radiating tony buzan flowering

i saw a wonderful  illustration by mel calman in the simtes supplement which gave a portrait of the journalist and the danger of his  potentially poisonoius nature too much aspartame when more honest sugar might creat a better soacial medicine bad news cause cancer warning on papers yes i think very probably insisdiousness causes negativity causes faithlessness lack of trust abnd hopeless economy instead of the encouragement of if you want to be happy act happy yes step out in faith


so then i plan to clear the desktops in here first
i am wondering if i can at last make the  main computer part of the wifi set up?

i enjoyed ian garland coming into dee on monday and given his remarks imply that he too would enjoy painting in dee
i must make sure i email him now

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